I feel like I never see you on anymore and I'm not on as much as I used to be.  I did read in a post though that you moved to a new state!  Was that planned- it seemed to be quick?  Are you and your hubby now in the same state all the time?  Also, I saw in DandR's post about job dust- are you looking your hubby?  I feel like I've totally missed what is going on in your life.  I hope all is well and you are settled in your new home.

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    Sorry to just now be seeing this.

    Yes we've been in VA for a month now.  No, it wasn't planned at all.  I had ONE WEEK to pack up and move.  Basically we could no longer afford to live in FL (DH's business took a hit with the ecomony).  We are living with my mom.  DH is looking for a job. 

    I'm hardly ever on anymore.  I try to check in when I can (becoming more frequent but still nowhere near where it used to be).
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