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1 post 2 topics-ultrasound and size

so we had our 7 week u/s  yay  saw 2 heart beats ( the flickering was so flickery ) ha ha .. excusemy lack of better words.  Our u/s  shows bothe babies and it looks like an alien eyes. I wish i could figure out how to upload a pic but i am too lazy now. I will as soon as I can. 

Will my uterus growing faster  because i  have 2 babies (sacs)

 Thanks and hope everyone has  Happy Holidays!

 _ J and M



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Re: 1 post 2 topics-ultrasound and size

  • Congrats on the heartbeats! You'll likely show earlier and measure ahead due to the twins....check out the multiples board...lots of info! (I lurk since we are on injectibles)
  • Congratulations!

     Yes, you probably will show before women with singletons. By 12 weeks I was in maternity pants and consistently measured 4-6 weeks ahead of single pregnancies!

    Feel free to come here with mutliples questions. I think there are 3 sets on here...with a few more on the way.

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  • Congrats on the US! I miss those appointments, cause we got to see them grow almost every week! Yup, you'll measure ahead of regular pregnancies, I would check out the Dr. Luke book "When your expecting twins, multiples, etc" It has some good nutiritional and milestone info.

    And the multiples board, its really supportive.

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  • Ditto the recs for the book and the multiples board. And best wishes for a healthy pregnancy!
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