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He was born on December 17th and he weights 6lbs 110z. I think he is a trooper cause he is 3 weeks early and he didn't have to go to the nicu.

Here is my labor story.....

Thursday night I felt a strong gush out of my vagina. I got DH to see wha it was and he said it was blood. So because of my placenta problems we rushed to the hospital and they monitored me for awhile. They did the amnio check and even a ultrasound. When the doctor did the ultrasound she said that it was not my water and if it was to break the baby was going to be in serious danger cause his cord was going to come out in front of him. So she decided that since I was still bleeding she would admit me for observation over night. Well me and DH got comfortable in the room that she gave us and we just talked about hoe much i didn't want to be there. We we finally fell asleep at about 4am and the doctor came and woke us at 8am and she said she felt like a c-section as soon as possible would be a good idea instead of risking something happening to the baby and me.

Well around 10am I was being taken to the regular OR not the L&D one and I was so scared. They told me that there was no way I would be able to be up and hear anything. We they wheeled me back to this holding area and then the fun started.

First I had to sign a crap load of papers and I had to talk to every doctor and nurse that was going o be there. They all were super nice.

Second I had to get another iv for when/if they needed to do a blood transfusion, but they couldn't get one in my hand, arm, or foot so they ended up doing one in my neck. Which didn't feel good at all.

Third they took me back to the room for my surgery by this time I was really nervous and freaking out and I couldn't control how I was feeling. They did all the prepping and counting and the horrible cathedral while I was awake because they didn't want the baby to be exposed to the effects of the anesthesia.  Well finally came time for them to put me to sleep.

I woke up in the recovery room and I was so high on all the meds they gave me that I when the nurses told me everything about the baby I didn't remember anything. I had a few complications in my surgery. I lost a lot of blood and they couldn't maintain it. It was beating 150bpm. So that was really scary and that caused me to be the last one to find out about him and to know he was ok. I think it is safe to say I was jealous. When they finally took me to my room they told me that he was perfectly healthy and they would bring him in asap.

I had a very painful birth and I am still in the hospital. Last night I had to receive two bags of blood and I am still on a liquid diet. Hopefully things get better.

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  • Whoa! I am happy to hear that you are both ok.  I'm sorry that you had such a difficult birth.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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  • I am so thankful you had a knowledgeable team of people working on you. I'm glad you and your son are ok. God grant you a swift recovery.

    Congratulations on the birth of your little man, he is handsome.

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  • aww I'm so sorry to hear this... I hope you have a speedy recovery!
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  • I kind of know and understand how you feel. I had my little girl almost a year ago. I knew that a c-section was a possibility but I thought I could have her vaginally. In my last month, I was developing pre-e and told to go in L&D and be induced. I was 38 weeks along. During my pregnancy, I had chronic hypertension and still have it. The stress from my job also didn't help but it's what pays the bills until I kind of find a better one. I was scheduled to go in Feb 18 and was suppose to be there by 2 pm but I get a phone call at noon telling me to call before going in to make sure there is a room available. There is not when I do. I  call again 4 hours later and get the same response. It's not until 11 pm when the dr calls and apologizes and tells me to come in anyway. We get there and I'm hooked up to an iv and get a catheter put in to help open my cervix. Keep in mind, I told my dr that I did not want a male dr and when I was sent to L&D several times because they couldn't get my girl on the fetal monitor (she's a tricky one lol), I made a request that I get no male drs. I'm given pitocin and magnesium. They constantly comment on my BP being high and they hope the magnesium will help lower it. Next thing I know, it's 8 in the morning and I'm starting to get labor pains. For the next couple hours, I keep getting asked if I want an epi and we tell them not yet but by 3:30 I get one. They check things and realize the 3 cm I got from the catheter has gone down to 1 cm and my girl has not moved down, in fact she went the opposite direction. Next thing we know, the bed is angled so my feet are in the air and it feels like there is a circus being performed at my crotch with the amount of people there checking things out and I'm trying desperately not to get sick from the epi but I can't help it, I am throwing up from it but it doesn't last long but at the same time I'm being asked about a c-section and at this point I agree to it just to get them to leave me alone and to also get this over with but I am also worried about her. I didn't want all this to affect her negatively. I was taken to the or and put on the table that to me felt like it was a cross made from 2 2x4 boards and to make matters worse it was tilted to the left and also tilted that made me feel like I was going to slide off the table head first. Every now and then I'm getting asked to relax but I'm feeling a bit scared that I am going to fall off the table. During the procedure, my nose becomes stuffy and I have to breathe out of my mouth and it becomes dry. my husband (thank goodness he got to be there with me) had to literally grab a nurse and ask if there was something to give me to moisten my mouth. She give me a cloth that was soaked in water for me to suck on. After a while I see them take her to a table and check her out and I'm waiting for a cry. When she cries I'm relieved. I watch her taken from one person to another to eventually my husband. Then she was taken away to be cleaned and to meet me in my room while I get sewn up and go to recovery. It took 30-45 minutes to get sewn and stapled. The whole time I just wanted it over. This was not how I wanted to have her. I wanted to hold her when she was born not watch everyone else hold her. I literally was the last to hold her and it  wasn't until after 11 pm and she was born at 4:18 pm. I find that unforgivable. I didn't let go of her until several hours later. She was 4 lbs 10 oz and 18" long. All the nurses said she was the most behaved newborn they had in the nursery. The others cried and screamed and she would only cry when she needed to be changed or was hungry, other than that she was content.

    I too had that feeling of wishing it was all over, get rid of the feeling of that this isn't the delivery I wanted. I wanted it to be months ahead where I can be just thinking of my baby and holding her. I want to say as the time goes by, you forget about it but its there in the back of your mind. But, each day, you'll look at your baby and see that he is healthy and happy and you'll realize the way he was delivered doesn't matter. What does is that you are both healthy.

    I hope you have a speedy recovery. Get plenty of rest too.

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