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I hate fevers! vent- UPDATE

DS started with a fever (102.4) around 12 noon today--he was pretty pathetic and clearly not feeling well.  Within 30 min of taking motrin he was into everything again as usual and the fever was down.  Yay!  Well a few hours later (and before he could get more motrin) after he woke up from his nap, he was burning up.  I took his temp and it was 105.1!!!!  I was really worried about him--lethargic, whining, just wanting to be held.  I finally got to talk to the triage nurse at WakeMed--I was starting to lose my patience and just take him straight to the ER because I waited 40 minutes for a call back (this is our pedi's on call procedure).  I know it's not that bad, but I was really worried about DS and it felt like forever!

Anyway, 1 hour after the second dose of motrin his fever was back down and he was feeling better--playing, eating, drinking.  But we have to watch him tonight because if we hit 105 again, we're headed to the ER.  I hope little man starts feeling better soon and that this fever goes away!  The last time he had a fever this high was when he had RSV and had to be hospitalized when we were on a trip in Colorado.

We are also headed to FL later in the week and I want all of us to be healthy before flying.  Ug--go away fever!! 

 UPDATE: We thankfully avoided the ER last night.  The fever climbed back up to 104 but came back down with the next dose of motrin. We just got back from spending the morning and early afternoon doing testing at the pedi's sick clinic today.  He's negative for strep, RSV (thank God!), and flu.  We went to Rex for a chest xray which came back negative for pneumonia.  Blood count is OK but clear that he's fighting something.

So the thought is that this is some nasty virus that should be gone within a day or two.  We're to just keep controlling the fever with motrin and if it spikes back up again to 105, we head back in or if he starts acting strange or has a febrile seizure. We have a follow up appt in the morning to make sure he's headed in the right direction. Fingers crossed!


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Re: I hate fevers! vent- UPDATE

  • Ugh, poor Scott!  I hope he is feeling better soon, and that his fever doesn't get that high again - middle of the night ER trips don't sound fun.  They always seem to have the worst timing for getting sick, don't they?  It's like a built in radar.  I hope it's just a random virus and passes quickly!
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  • Oh no. Sounds awful. So sorry to hear. Hope he's feeling better and doesn't spike any more fever. Yuck!
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  • Oh no - I hate fevers, too, especially ones like that.  There's really nothing worse than knowing there's nothing you can do to make your munchkin feel better!

    Hope he feels better very, very soon!

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  • oh no kim!
    keep us posted!

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  • How is he feeling this morning?
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  • I hope he's feeling better.  That sounds rough!

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