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Does anyone do CrossFit?

I'm thinking about enrolling after the start of the year. I like the idea of doing a really intense workout two or three times a week, and then walking/running with babe and pup the rest of the week. I also like that their class times are also in the evenings, so I could go when H got off work. AND I like the accountability. The only way I've ever really lost weight before was when I had a personal trainer, but I don't think we can afford that route anymore, and CrossFit seems like it would be a good sub for the fact that I'm a wimp at the gym. :)

Anyone have experience? I'm a little nervous that I would be in over my head. I don't really enjoy exercise, but I want to feel good in my post-baby body, so something has to change. 

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Re: Does anyone do CrossFit?

  • I have several friends who do it and love it. Some are very fit, and some are not that fit.

    I am way too scared to even attempt it!

  • Go for it!!  I would love to do it, but it's not offered where we live.. :(  I have several friends back home (oregon) that do it and LOVE it!
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  • I do! I love it! Right now I see a personal trainer that does CrossFit workouts with me but are usually a little more difficult than what a regular CF workout is. Then 2-3 more times a week I go to the gym and do the WOD from the CF website. So far I have lost all my pregnancy weight plus another 15lbs. I have been slipping from the holidays with my eating habits so I haven't really lost much in the last few weeks. I'm slowly getting back on track. I feel a million times stronger, healthier, and more energetic. CF really is the best thing I have done for myself in a very, very long time. They can scale the workouts so don't worry about difficulty at first.  The most important thing is that you learn the moves correctly and you know how to keep your form for the entire workout. GL
  • My hubby does it but he just downloads the workouts and does them at our gym. He looks really good and I can definetly see a difference in just a few short week. Im looking forward to doing it once this baby gets here.
  • I love it!

    BTW if any of you pregnant ladies are interested, check out

     Scaled and appropriate for all 3 trimesters

  • Yes! Been doing CF for a year and a half now and my husband is a CF coach. It is the best workout you will find, and the results are out of this world. I cannot say enough good stuff about CF because it does so much for your body, you mind and your strength. I have seen so many women and men come in to our gym and make some dramatic transformations in just a few short months. Agreeing with PP, the CF you attend will scale the workouts to your fitness level so that you are able to complete the WODs efficiently for your body and strength level. 

    Good luck, it will be something you will not regret!  

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  • I am also a crossfitter and while I am basically maintaining right now and gaining appropriately for baby it helps me feel really good. Sometimes during the WOD when i am ready to quit I think if labor and how this will help. It's tough to scale down everything but honestly check your ego at the door because I think no matter what level athlete you are you will be able to get a great workout at CF.  I also love the sense of community that there is and everyone is super encouraging throughout the pregnancy since they knew me before.  I think it draws really fun, motivating, great people.


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  • I went to my 1st session today, and I loved it!  


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