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Anyone have kid's Ikea furniture?

I want to get Maddie a table/chairs for Christmas, and I've been holding off b/c we'll be in Charlotte this weekend for a family gtg, and I want to check out the Ikea stuff. I've looked online, but haven't seen any of it in person.

 If you have of the Ikea table/chair sets, which one do you have, and do you like it/love it/hate it?


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Re: Anyone have kid's Ikea furniture?

  • We dont have a true table and chairs set but one we put togther ourselves from 2 pieces of ikea furniture!

    We have a Lack Side Table (

    and we have a Mammut Chair


    We had the end table set up and my stepson had the Mammut chair but was too big for it so we thought it would work perfect for the small space we have in the living room!

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  • I'm not really helpful b/c I don't own an Ikea set, but I looked at all the sets they had and thought they all looked pretty decent!  There was only one chair that I thought might be a little too small/unstable, but the rest looked great. The chair that Ashley has is SO cute.
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  • Allie will be getting a table/chairs set for her birthday.  The IKEA kids stuff is great.  I love all of the sets.  They are really sturdy in the store.
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