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2nd Trimester

What does a kick/punch or rolling over feel like?

I know that some people get flutters or popcorn feelings at first but I want to know from moms further along to tell me what a good hard kick feels like. Also, how can you tell your baby is rolling over in your uterus. What does that feel like?
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Re: What does a kick/punch or rolling over feel like?

  • A hard kick feels just like a tap from the inside and is easily recognizable.

    The rolling over feels like a something brushing up against you from the inside, but with more pressure. It really does feel exactly like you'd think.  

    Early on it is easy to miss or ascribe to something else, but the feelings I have been getting recently are so much more definite.

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  • to me it always felt like a muscle twitch early on. It's hard to describe cause it's not something you feel when you're not pregnant. Sometimes it was painful with DD cause she'd kick other internal parts or my bladder, but other than that, it's hard to describe.
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  • I'm only a few weeks ahead of you but for me, baby rolling just feels like pressure. Kicks/punches feel like just that, like something inside you jabbing at you (it actually kind of tickles)...they started not so strong but now I get some that make me jump. I can definitely tell the difference between movement in my uterus and gas/indigestion. 

    ETA: try pressing on a place in your uterus and see if baby kicks you there. Last night my cat was laying on my stomach, stood up, and put some pressure on the side of my uterus. Maybe 30 seconds after that I started feeling very distinct movement/kicks where the cat was pressing, apparently baby didn't like the cat intruding in her space. 

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  • I was waiting for the gas and flutter feelings but never got them. The kicks and punches feel like taps to me and I believe when I get that feeling like I'm on a swing set (the falling feeling) that those are my babes rolling over.
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  • I never had the flutter or popcorn feelings.    The kicks/punches just feel like some one tapping the inside of your belly.  I felt one tap and then about 2 minutes later I felt another tap.  The rolling feels like something is moving, but it's not as distinct as the tap.   At least that's how it feels to me. I just started feeling the baby a week or two ago and it has gotten stronger since then.
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  • You will know it when you feel the baby! The first time I felt a kick there was no question, I immediately knew what it was. Like a PP said, it feels like a quick tap from the inside that you cannot miss! Then you will be able to feel it from outside and literally feel something poking your skin out (it will be obvious what's going on). As for the rolling over, I can feel the baby shift around inside me and I'm not exactly sure what she is doing but I can tell it is her whole body repositioning. Sometimes I will feel that and then get a few kicks in a row. Usually when the kicking is going on there are multiple in a row, unless she has moved around and then it's like I feel a slight kick from repositioning or something. I just love feeling her move!
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  • I never felt flutters or popcorn. I went right to kicks. In the beginning, they feel like taps (or maybe even like a little muscle spasm). Once you feel it, it's really obvious what it is -- theres nothing else it could be.
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  • I'm not sure what rolling over feels like, although I've had some pretty weird feelings lately.

    At first, movement felt like little gas bubbles or flutters.  Then it felt like gentle taps and flutters.  Now I get very distinct flutters plus definite poke-poke-pokes from the inside as LO kicks me.  I can see the kicks from the outside as my stomach moves and they start at one side of my stomach and eventually move to the other sometimes.

    Usually he just wiggles around gently in there but lately when he's awake he's been kicking me pretty well.  Sometimes I think he gets my bladder because I have a sudden urge to pee.

    Occasionally I feel a lot of pressure and almost feel sick and I wonder if that's him completely rolling over or repositioning himself in a big way.

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  • Not to be a smart ass, but at this point, his kicks and rolls feel exactly like a kick and a roll. I can't describe it any other way. I felt movement really early, like 16 weeks, but it felt like a fingernail scratching me. Then it turned into the popcorn feeling. It has only been recently, as the baby puts on weight, that I would call it kicks or punches. They aren't that hard yet, so I know that they'll get stronger very soon. 
  • kicks seem harder than punches which are more like soft taps but kicks move my belly, at least thats my guess. the rolling over i think feels like the empty feeling from a roller coaster, but not in my stomach, in my uterus


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