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"Happy Birthday Jesus" Party ideas?

I'm hosting a little "Happy Birthday Jesus" party at my house next week one morning. Just something small to help our little ones remember the reason we are celebrating.

My current ideas are:
-Some sort of decorating cookies or cupcakes and sing "Happy Birthday Jesus" before we eat them. 
-A simple version of the nativity (probably using our Little People nativity set to illustrate)
-A game...just not sure what!

I'm looking for ideas...anyone have anything to share? 

Re: "Happy Birthday Jesus" Party ideas?

  • I was actually the coordinator for a Birthday Party for Jesus event at our church.

    We sang carols, put on a mini Nativity play, did different arts and crafts, some version of Simon Says but I can't remember what we called it (the kids needed to get their energy out so of course we had them jumping and all kinds of stuff), cupcakes and snacks and a Veggietales movie at the end for the kids that were still waiting for parents.

    My sweet boy :)
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  • What about a version of "pin the tail on the donkey" only instead "Place Baby Jesus in the manger"? 
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  • You could also make simple christmas ornaments.  One year for the girls we printed a simple picture of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus on card stock.  Let them color it.  Then we used brown felt to make the walls/ceiling of the manger and yellow felt stars to put at the top of the point.  You could probably use brown/yellow foam.  Or popsicle sticks and then buy some star stickers.
  • Oh yeah, we also had a nativity scene on the wall and they were all able to decorate a present that we then taped on the wall.
    My sweet boy :)
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