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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!

What's everyone up to this weekend? Finishing up last minute Christmas items...going to a party...just relaxing? 

Whatever it is, I hope everyone has a great day! 

Re: Happy Friday!

  • We are heading to Raleigh tomorrow (Apex) to have a Christmas party with DH's sister and his dad's family.  Come home Sunday.
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  • Happy Friday to you as well! I'm taking Wesley for his 1 yr picture and some holiday pics as well today, then DH and I are having a date night. Tomorrow, I'll be finishing decorating our tree and HOPEFULLY making some Christmas cookies. Then we have a birthday party in Sampson County Sunday afternoon and I'm due back to sing in my church's Christmas Cantata at 6:30 that evening. Busy busy!

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  • I have to work tonite and Sunday afternoon and then Saturday we have the Bumpie Playdate and a friend of mine is having a cookie exchange that afternoon....so excited about yummy cookies and some mommy time! And just hanging with DH and DS otherwise!
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  • Tonight I'm going to bed early... Some medication I'm taking kept me up until 2am (I get up at 5:40).. So needless to say, I'm exhausted. :-(

    Tomorrow I'm laying low, and probably doing some baking (and sadly am missing the GTG since I'm sick). We might go look for furniture in the afternoon if I'm feeling up for it. And we might attempt taking Holly to see Santa. She seems to be coming around to the idea. :-)

    Sunday we have a Christmas party with DH's dad's side. I'm looking forward to it. Holly loves playing with her cousin (DH's cousin's daughter), so that should be fun. Smile

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  • Tonight (and possibly tomorrow night) I will be painting the guest bedroom (again!).  I plan to make Christmas cookies with Natalie on Sunday (I'd say "and Claire" but she'll probably move off to play with toys pretty quickly :).  The rest of the weeked will be pretty low key -- both girls are getting over an ear infection and/or cold.  My ILs arrive on Wednesday so I'm looking forward to this low key weekend before all the festivities.
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  • Thankfully I'm officially finished with Christmas prep since I wrapped the final presents last night - wahoo! 

    We have DH's extended family party Saturday night - around 40 people with lots of food then we all play "Mean Santa" which is so fun!

    Sunday we'll go to church, spend some time with the in-laws, and then just chill. I could live at church this time of the year - I just love hearing & reading all the Christmas messages and singing the Christmas songs. Just awesome! 

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