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Ideas for SIL on bedrest at Xmas

My SIL is high risk, and she's due a month before me in April. DH and I will be spending the holidays with my family this year (long distance), but SIL and BIL were supposed to be joining the rest of DH's family, who are about 4 hours away from them by car. Unfortunately, there have been recent developments that have led the doctors to put SIL on a modified bedrest, so she and BIL are now having to stay home by themselves.

The adult siblings weren't going to exchange gifts this year, but I feel like we should send her (them) a care package or something little since they'll be on their own. Any good thoughts on what would cheer up the holidays for someone on bedrest? Other than a few fun magazines and holiday treats, I'm feeling a bit stuck for ideas. Thanks for the help!

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Re: Ideas for SIL on bedrest at Xmas

  • Maybe a couple of $5 movies from the bargain bin at Wal-Mart and books. When I was young I was really sick around Christmas and my mom gave me an Angel ornament to watch over me. We hung it on the tree so I could look at it during my endless hours of laying on the couch. I still have it and it is really special to me.
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  • You can often find movies on a pretty good sale this time of year, so that would be a cheap option for some entertainment for her.

    Or you could probably find good deals on some sort of at-home spa treatment - or make your own little basket with emory boards, nail polish, lotions and stuff that she could use to pamper herself a little.

    Or send them a care package for a 'date night at home' and include a small gift certificate to a movie rental place in their area, some microwave popcorn and candy and maybe even some sparkling cider!

    Or, if she's crafty at all, maybe you could send her some things so she could work at home on beginning at scrapbook for her LO. A lot of people pre-make pages and then fill in with photos later. 

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  • Would you be able to look into a traveling spa? Maybe have someone come by and give a prenatal massage or a mani/pedi? Obviously you would give her a gift card and have her schedule it...
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  • Is she crafty? Small projects that she could start like a trendy cross stitch pattern book and neat threads and a cute little box to put it all in? Or the same thing for knitting or crochet?

    If she is a gamer, have you thought about purchasing a few computer games for her laptop (if she has one)...something she can lose a bit of time in to pass the boredom. The Sims 3? Plants V Zombies? they have Angry Birds for PC yet?

    Catalogs! Who doesn't love looking at catalogs?? ABC, JCPenny, Sears, Oriental Trading...if you give me a few days I can go to my in laws and collect the names of all of her catalogs she looks at.

    A scrapbooking starter kit for the baby? 

  • The crafting things sound nice (if she's into that) and so do any of the spa treatments. What about books?  Do you have a used book store near you?  If so you could get a few books for not that much.  Or if she has a Kindleish thing a GC for books on that.
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  • NETFLIX!!  I had a friend on strict bedrest from 23 weeks on, she LOVED netflix.  she was able to get a lot of fun stuff, but also baby education stuff because she wasn't supposed to go to the hospital classes.  She also took up crochet, maybe a how too book and some yarn.  my friend made her baby a blanket and a hat.



  • Couple of months of Netflix, scrap book, Pregnancy journal, etc.
  • These are all such great ideas! I don't think she's super crafty, but I can totally see her enjoying small projects, a little pampering and movies for a mini date night. Time to go shopping so I can send this stuff out to her in time. Thanks so much for the help!
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