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I posted over on the nest but thought I'd put this there too ...

 Hi ladies .. I'm hoping you'll be able to help me.  I haven't been happy with my gyn for a while now and since I'm newly pg (and hopefully this one will stick!) I would like to find a new dr.  Someone in Lower Westchester as I'm in Yonkers - no real preference as to hospital affiliation or if its male/female.  TIA!


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  • I am happy with my OBGYN, Dr. Jay Lupin, in White Plains.  He is affiliated with White Plains Hospital Center.  The whole practice (particularly Dr. McGovern and Dr. Wysocki who are both women) was great and they delivered my baby this summer. Hope that helps!
  • I can't say enough good things about Dr. Khoury in Hartsdale and White Plains.  He's affiliated with White Plains hospital, and is just amazing.  He does an ultrasound at every visit! His partner, Dr. Bavaro, is supposed to be wonderful too - I just have never seen her, though when my husband had to call at 11PM because I was sick, she was lovely and helpful.
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  • My OBGYN, Dr. Waldman in Scarsdale (right on rte 22) is great. His practice is affiliated with Lawrence Hosp. in Bronxville. The other doctors in his practice are Drs. Hirsch and Bloom (there's a new doc there but I can't recall his name). They are also wonderful and one is always available around the clock should you need someone.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your pregnancy!

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  • Thanks everyone!  Turns out we are expecting twins in August so I need more of a high risk dr, which my RE recommended and I'll be deliverying at White Plains Hospital.
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