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(Sale/Manufacturing of)Drop Side Cribs Outlawed

Saw this on MSN's homepage. Just thought I'd post this just in case. If you are using a drop side crib, make sure to check it hasn't been recalled

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Re: (Sale/Manufacturing of)Drop Side Cribs Outlawed

  • Makes me glad we just bought a very boring no-moving-parts crib!
  • I don't want to start a debate, but I did want to note that the use of drop-side cribs in homes has NOT been outlawed.  The making of, sale of, and resale of has, as well as the use in daycare settings.  We have a drop-side crib for DS that we love and will likely use for baby #2.  It has not been recalled and we regularly check the hardware to make sure the drop-side isn't loose.  I'm only 5'1" and DS was already 16lbs at 4-months- it really helped having the drop-side to get my sleeping baby into his crib without waking him.  Once we lowered the mattress all the way, it was an even bigger help.  That said, if we did buy new, we'd buy a lower sleigh-style crib to help avoid the height issue.
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  • Sorry, I should have put "sale of" instead. I just wrote what the article title was; I am not taking a side on it, but thought that some might want to read it just in case. Glad that your crib has been so good for you, and I'm sure it is fine since you are regularly checking your hardware and that it is not recalled. It sounds like the cribs that are being misassembled are to blame a lot of the time and then of course those that are recalled.

    The article says
    "Parents who are using drop-side cribs are advised to check the hardware on the cribs to be certain it's working properly and to make sure their crib has not been recalled. The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, which represents over 90 percent of the crib industry, says properly assembled drop-sides that haven't been recalled can be safely used."

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