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No more blue!!!

So I am getting all kinds of greif from the girl throwing my shower because i dont want anything blue or babyish! I am sorry but I have already had 2 boys and I am tired of the baby blue/duckies/trains/cars... Dh and I want a very basic bedding and room style. We want green, orange and brown and geometrical patterns. Below is the bedding and pack n play we want. Anyone else not doing traditional "baby" room stuff?

 Pack n play


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Re: No more blue!!!

  • This is the primary reason we're team green :)  I don't want any of the traditional pink/flowers or blue/cars and trucks stuff.

    I'm kind of surprised you're having a shower though if you already have two children of the same sex?

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  • DH and I know the sex/are hopefully confirming this week, but we are still getting gender neutral PNP, stroller, etc. We figured we can't avoid gender specific clothing, even if we don't tell people will just get it after LO arrives. We're hoping by registering for the larger items in gender neutral patterns that's what people will get for us. 

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  • I'm having two showers-one in Cleveland where I'm from and one here in Indiana where I live. My mom and sister are doing my shower in Cleveland and she has already been asking me what I want. I told her-regardless of gender, I really don't want the typical pink/blue everywhere, rattle/bottle confetti on the tables, cake with a stork on it, etc. And I'm not wearing a corsage or anything that says "mommy 2 b". And we're not playing games that involve eating baby food or candy bar "poo" on diapers.

    I want it to almost be more like what a bridal shower would look like instead of a baby shower. Like a "fancy" baby shower. I think we're doing a cupcake tower instead of a cake! I've been to plenty of baby showers that look exactly the same-I want mine to stand out :)

  • The only reason we are havign a shower is first someone offered and 2nd my boys will be 5 and 7 when the baby gets here. And my children are the oldest in our groups of friends so I have handed down all of our baby stuff already.
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  • We aren't doing anything traditionally "baby" either.  I'm not a fan of Winnie the Pooh or such.  While it will most likely still be blue, we want it to have a classier feel, while still being kid friendly. 
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  • Wait... she's giving you grief about what you are registering for?
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  • We aren't doing the traditional pink for a girl either. We are having her bedding custom made with black, white, and gray. Different fabrics like damask, stripes, velvet. Our main accent color is Tiffany's/Robins Egg blue. DH is actually going to be painting her Jenny Lind crib that color. I'm sure I'll add a touch of pink here and there but pink is not even part of our color scheme. We wanted something luxurious/timeless/elegant that she could grow into rather than something we'd be changing in 2 years.

    Our PNP and Travel System are both gender neutral. Her convertible carseat is pink and brown, but that is because we figured she'd still be in it when we went to have baby #2, and will be in it for so long that we'll get out moneys worth out of it and just buy another one when we have #2.

  • I know what you mean!  We won't find out until Friday, but either way, we don't want traditional colors...If it's a boy, we might do chocolates and reds (sock monkeys), and if it's a girl, chocolates and apples greens (like mod owls)....We just don't want sporty or fo-fo girls!!


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  • We're having a boy, but blue is an incorporation - we're going mostly sand and chocolate.  Bits of blue are in the bedding, but by way of men;s shirting fabric. Very grown up for a little boy that he can use for a long while. 

    PS - We're doing the Dempsy PNP, too - love it! 

  • DS room is lime green and tan, but his bedding is a mix of blues and greens.  All his other gear (stroller, car seat, bumbo, blankets) are mostly green or orange.  It will be easy to use everything for the girl I am having next.

    I already bought fabric for the new baby and it is purples and fushias and cream.  So yes, there is some "pink" but not that typical baby pink.  Bleh.

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  • This is definitely us as well..boy or girl we are going for a modern nursery and are actually getting many things from IKEA:) We are excited...we think the same thing that we don't want to have to change the room in a few years to something less "babyish"!
    So excited for our little blessing:)
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