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Spotting after sex

So, I have heard it's normal to spot after sex.  But, what I'm wondering, is if you have spotting, how long do you need to wait until you can have sex again?  Days?  A week?  Anyone know?

Re: Spotting after sex

  • I would talk to the doctor. I waited a week and it was OK. But I believe you should let your doctor know any time you bleed. 
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  • Yes, it's normal. I usually wait two days until everything "down there" feels normal again. I ask my OB about it, and as long as it's light pink or brown and NOT red,  and doesnt' last for more than a few hours. 
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  • What's sex?
  • always call your dr if you bleed. odds are they'll tell you it's normal and not to worry. but then at least there's a record if you bleed again. i bled at 15w after sex and then at 17.5w for no reason. both incidents were important in figuring out what's going on.
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