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Did you have night sweats in early pregnancy?

I had a lot of hot flashes and some night sweats after Ella was born for a month or so.  Every night now I go to bed cold.  We keep our bedroom really cool.  I cuddle up under a down comforter, then I wake up during the night and my chest is all sweaty.  Then I start worrying that I got too hot in my sleep.  It doesn't help that I share the bed with DH and two hot mini dachshunds I guess.
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Re: Did you have night sweats in early pregnancy?

  • I definitely did. They started happening less often once I got later into second tri. I think it has to do with all of the increasing hormones.  I just slept with the fan on high and light cotton pj's, if any at all.  My dh was always freezing, but it made me feel better.
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  • Yes! Same thing. I'd go to bed cold and wake up sweating like a crazy person. I never felt hot though. I'd wake up still feeling cold. Oh, the joys!
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  • YES!  I had them with both pg, even before my BFP.  They have slowed down a lot now that I am 11 weeks.  But pre-BFP till 7ish weeks they were very common.  :) 

    DH and I like to joke about them, b/c I am always cold and he is a heater.  How things have changed.  :)

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  • I had a terrible time (still do, just not as often) with hot flashes throughout first tri.  Ugh! Hope they get better for you quickly. 
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  • Oh yes! Freezing when I go to bed, sweating around 2a.

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  • I had it late with DD. None so far this time.
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  • I sweat like a pig.OMG Ever since I had DD I sweat awful! Now that I'm pregnant I sweat worse.
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  • I had awful night sweats for 3 out of my 4 pregnancies. This time though, none. (I remember having them horribly for the 1st week post-partum with DD.) Aren't hormones a treat?
  • I had them really bad after dd was born.  I'd wake up with my shirt soaked and my skin soaked underneath.  I woke once a few nights ago sweating like that.  I go from too warm to too cold all the time when I'm sleeping, but don't usually sweat like that.
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