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Last nights dream

Last night I had the weirdest dream. We were getting our u/s done and they said its a boy and showed us the goods and everything. Later on that day I went in to another elective u/s to make sure the tech was right and they told me it was a girl. I was so confused. I still am and now I really just want to know!! Only 10 more days ugh!

Re: Last nights dream

  • Don't you just love "baby" dreams!!  Hurry up 10 days!!!!
  • I sure hope this doesn't happen IRL! lol :)
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  • imagecarishabob:
    I sure hope this doesn't happen IRL! lol :)

    No kidding that would suck.  

  • I've had two dreams where it was a boy, but I think it's probably my wishful thinking lol, because then about a week ago, as I was falling asleep, I randomly thought "daughter" twice.  I had been convinced it was a boy, and now I'm confused too. 
  • Incognito

    We are at exactly the same day in our pregnancies and my gender scan is in 10 days also.  I CAN NOT WAIT!!!  

    I keep having dreams that I'm breastfeeding but I don't know if the baby is a boy or girl.   

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