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Paraffin Wax?

I'm going to the Red Door in about an hour for a signature pedicure (yay for having a gift card) and I wanted to know if it is safe to get the paraffin wax done. I usually get it but I haven't been while pregnant. I tried googling it and I am not coming up with much info. I called my doc to ask but they are closed. I guess I can just tell them not to do that part, but I would love to get it if it is safe.  Anyone know for sure?

Re: Paraffin Wax?

  • I don't know for sure but I would guess that it is safe. It isn't like your foot is sitting in hot wax for an hour or anything.

    The part of pedicures that people get nervous about is the massage. Massaging a certain part of the foot can cause contractions, or so I've been told.

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  • I cant think of any reason why it wouldnt be safe.... Isnt that just wax, they put over your feet, and then peel off? I'm sure its fine.
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  • I just had it done yesterday, it didnt harm me in any way and felt so amazing. The only thin I know of is the massage, your Achilles tendon is the spot that causes contractions if pressed to hard. Just let your tech know to be careful there.
  • Actually the point is about 2 finger widths above the inside ankle bone. Parrafin is ok. You are just dipping your foot in it briefly a few times. Enjoy!
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