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My car is crap...(vent)

My car has been leaking a small amount of oil the past few weeks. We got it into the shop Wednesday and they figured out today that a large part of the motor is cracked. So, it needs to be replaced. Happy holidays to us...

I cried for almost an hour at work today, and in front of kids. I just couldn't help it. I was a huge mess. I just kept leaving the room to collect myself, but I'd think about it again and just break down into tears again. I'm def. a hormonal mess today.

I've come to terms with it and guess that it's just money and could be a lot worse. Even though we don't have the money and are extra broke because of Christmas. But it sure makes me thankful for the things I do have.

I just needed to have a small pity party. In other news, I get to see my baby on Monday. I'm very happy to have that right around the corner to keep my hopes up! 

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Re: My car is crap...(vent)

  • Im sorry about your car.. My car has been acting up alittle bit too but im to afraid to have it checked
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