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Cafeteria cravings

I work at a high school district office and it's partially connected to a high school campus. We found out recently that staff can walk up to the cafeteria and buy food (for CHEAP!!!!).

This morning I wanted to head over there for some milk to put in my tea. I came back with a small carton of milk, chocolate milk, 2 mini bags of doritos, soft pretzel with nacho cheese, blueberry bagel with cream cheese, and a gatorade. 

I am not normally a milk drinker whatsoever... but the nonfat chocolate milk I just got for 50 cents just blew my mind. It sounded PERFECT and I CHUGGED it soooo fast.... it was delicious. I can't believe I drank it though-- usually the thought of drinking milk repulses me. 

And nacho cheese Doritos are the only thing I really crave on a regular basis... I'm in heaven. 


Smile Just thought I'd share my beautiful morning snack! I now have enough snacks to put in my desk for later today, too. I love working so close to a school cafeteria!


Re: Cafeteria cravings

  • Oh boy now I don't feel so bad for having a sausage/egg/cheese bagel this morning, followed by a salad for lunch, followed by 3 cookies and a banana...and it's only 3:30...I'm already thinking italian sausage and pasta for dinner LOL!
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  • I know what you mean...I work in a hospital and it is SO dangerous having a cafeteria so close and accessible, all hours of the a delicious coffee shop in our cancer center, and a coffee cart downstairs, and a pharmacy/drugstore with snacks and about temptation!!  It is so hard to resist sometimes!
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  • That pretzel and cheese sounds amazing! Mmmm
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