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Bump on toddler that turns into a big red spot...?


I posted this on the 12-24 month board yesterday, but wanted to check here too...My LO is almost 2 and in daycare.  About 1.5 months ago he had a spot/bump on his leg and then a few days later, it turned into an open red spot (almost like a blister that had burst...though it was never a blister).  We didn't think anything of it, just that he scratched it, etc. becauase he has sensitive skin.  A couple weeks later he had one under his arm and the dr. said it was fine, just put neosporin on it.  A couple days ago, he had another one that appeared just below the diaper line.  I called the next day and took him into the doctor...who told me he didn't know what it was, but that it was nothing serious.  He gave us some ointment to put on him and an antibiotic for him to take...and then we are just going to wait and see if it goes away and hope he doesn't get any other spots. 

 Have any of you had this with your kids?  If so, what did your doctor say?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you!!!!!

Re: Bump on toddler that turns into a big red spot...?

  • I don't know if this is the same thing, but DS gets large pimple-like cysts on his arms and legs. I showed one to his pedi and she said it's folliculitis (infected hair follicles). They can be itchy and sore (like pimples) and she said that we could do preventative neospirin.
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  • When DS was 14 months old he had a bump near his groin that ended up being a staph infection.  He needed to be hospitalized for iv antibiotic treatments for a few days.  Randomly, about 2 weeks later I got a staph infection in a tiny cut from shaving under my arm.  I was pg with DD at the time so we opted not to take antibiotics unless it didn't improve - it got better within 2 days. Talking to friends I realized that it was more common than I thought and most of the time they heal with at-home treatment.  Good luck to you!

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  • Thank you.  Our doctor actually mentioned this as one of his possibilities.  We just thought it was odd that it reappeared in different places, etc., but he is on medicine now, so hopefully it takes care of it.  I am pregnant as well, so I am being even more careful, since I am the same way about taking medicine. 

     Thanks again!  We were feeling a little lost when our doctor told us that he was "just guessing" at what it was...:-)

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