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when are you packing your.....

hospital bag? I keep seeing some woman have already done it at 32 weeks and I'm nearly 35 and think its still too early. So when is everyone packing??

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  • I haven't packed my hospital bag yet, I have the babys bag packed though and had that done at 30 weeks. I live about 2 minutes from where i deliver so i'm not really worried about bringing alot of stuff, but i do plan on packing my hospital bag at 37 weeks.
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  • I packed mine at 34 weeks. My cousin had her baby over the summer at 35 weeks and was not prepared at all.  I rather be prepared early than not prepared when the time comes.
  • I've started mine and the baby's. I'm a worrier; god knows I'll check both bags a numerous amout of times between now and actually needing them, even though I have a list with things already in the bags checked off.

    I think for me the worry is that anything can happen- even though I've had a relatively good pregnancy, it's still a thought in the back of my head.

  • I'll probably be packing mine the week of Christmas.  I'll be 37 weeks then.  I want to have it done before Christmas, but it still seems too early to me to have it done right now.
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  • I'll be packing mine in the next couple of weeks. There's still some things I need on packing list, but I don't have them yet.
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  • Mine is a work in progress.  The baby's clothes and my bathroom essentials are packed.  I've packed some of my clothes but I want to pack a pair of low cut maternity pants to wear home and don't want to go without them right now.  I'd like to get it all done soon just to cross something off my to-do list. 
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  • I haven't packed mine yet but I will soon. I really cant wait to start packing it cause that is the one last thing to make everything feel more real and like it is coming fast. But to be honest I just dont have the energy and I am on bed rest so I have to make a detailed shopping list of the things I will need so DH can pick them up for me. Just seems like a lot maybe in a week or so
  • I think I'm going to start packing mine this weekend - I'll be 35 weeks.  I've also had pre-term contractions and a +FFN, so I want to be ready just in case.  
  • I have a list and things put aside, but I need my bag for Christmas (we spend Christmas eve night at my husbands parents house).  I will pack the bag probably the day after Christmas.  I definitely want it done by 36 weeks.

    My husband will be going back and forth when I am there to take care of the dog, so if we forget anything, he can bring it back.

  • I plan to sometime between 38 and 39 weeks, right now I'm scheduled for a c/s so I don't really feel the need to pack a bag. If I did go into labor before the c/s I would just have someone bring me the stuff I needed from home.
  • My bag is packed for the most part. I decided to do this after I found out I was dilated. Reality set in. I went to Target and purchased tolietrys such as deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, wipes, soap, mouthwash, kleenex and little bottles to pour my shampoo and conditioner in. I threw in an extra hairdryer. LO's clothes and hats, a pair of pj pants for me, a robe, bought a pack of full butted hanes panties and put that in there, a couple of sports bras, some perfume, lotion, 2 tank tops, 2 shirts, a sweat jacket and a few pairs of socks.That way all of that stuff can stay in there. The only things that are not in the bag that will be last minute items to throw in will be my camera, video camera, flat iron, make-up, wallet and DH's clothes.

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  • I have like half of it packed. The other half will be done when I go into labor/when DH comes home to retreive the other stuff for me. It's stuff I use daily: lotion/face wash/shampoo/makeup/etc...
  • I'm planning on having mine packed and in my car when my doctor starts doing internals at 36w.  It feels a little early and silly, but I do know several women who have gone in for their weekly appt and have been admitted right then and there, so it seems like the safe thing to do.

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  • I'm a major slacker--over 36 weeks and mine's still not packed.  I have a list, and have a few things in it already, but my problem is that most of the stuff I need/want to bring, I use daily or pretty close to it.  I wear the pants I want to wear home all the time, I use my toiletries everyday, and things like my laptop, cell phone charger, and camera, etc. I use often as well.

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  • Probably around New Year's.  I'll be 36-37 weeks then, and I can't see doing it sooner.  Trust me - if this baby shows up at 35 weeks we have bigger problems than a tube of toothpaste.  We still have a LOT to do!
  • Mine was packed last week (34 weeks)

    I cant imagine going around at the last minute in pain or or in labour trying to pack everything so I just did it.

    I had everything on hand so I didnt see the problem with throwing it all in a bag and crossing it off my list. Who know how early you will go in - weve all read all the early delivery stories.

  • My plan is to pack my bag tomorrow...however if that will happen who knows...we'll see
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  • I didn't start until yesterday, so far all I've got in there are my clothes and baby's clothes.
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  • Im packing mine at 36 weeks for sure! :)
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  • Packed since 32 weeks.  In the car since 33.5 weeks when I went to L&D.  I keep DH's bag with the electronics and my toiletries bag in the house and we add a few things here and there.  Also so they don't freeze.  But my clothes, LO's bag w/ going home outfit, a pillow, and boppy pillow are all in the car.  You never know when you will go in with early labor signs, your water could break before you have any contractions and the last thing you want to be doing is grabbing your crap.  When you get to 35 weeks, they won't do anything to stop your labor anymore so if you go in and are in labor, you're probably going to stay there until LO is born. 
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  • I'm packing mine tomorrow not that I think I will need it this early but I just promised myself I'd have it done (erring on the side of prepared caution) by December 7th since my EDD is January 7th.  
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  • I'm packing mine this weekend, at 34 weeks.  I went at 37 weeks last time, and didn't have a bag packed (had most stuff together, but not in a bag) because, based on family history "women in my family don't go into labor," and I was fully expecting to be induced at 42 weeks.  DH and I were running around the house at midnight packing a bag because my water broke.  I do not recommend that experience.
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  • I put the baby's stuff in my duffel bag (it is big enough for us to share) and I am going to get some dollar store toiletries this weekend, but most of what I need will have to be thrown in last minute - I have my list set so I am not too stressed. 
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  • I'll be 36 weeks, the week after Christmas.  I'm thinking I'll pack then!  I do have the things for the baby set aside because I washed all the clothes this week.  I'm not packing him a bag though like I see a lot of others doing, you don't really need anything in the hospital.  My nursing bras/tanks are all in one drawer.  I could throw a bag together if I needed to in a hurry! 

  • I keep saying that I should pack, but most of it I'll needed right up until I go. I guess, technically, I already am half packed. I already have travelsized duplicates for tolietries packed and ready b/c I was doing a good bit of traveling for work before and during the first half of the pregnancy. But as far as clothes and such go, haven't even thought about what I want.
  • I actually packed yesterday. This upcoming weekend is Christmas and then New Year's the next. And after that anything can happen. So, we might be early but we're prepared!
  • I packed half of it last night and plan to pack the rest of it tonight. I've been procrastinating.
  • I'm 36w and mine is mostly packed.  Today's trip to L&D has motivated me to finish packing that sucker.

    I also won't be going back to my doc's office without a "just in case" bag full of stuff that I would have loved to entertain myself with while I was stuck there for 5 hrs today.

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  • I packed it at 34.  Last time my water broke at 37 with no bag packed, so I'm avoiding that scenario again, should it happen.
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