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Gift ideas for 6-8 year old girls?

I have no idea what to get my nieces. 


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Re: Gift ideas for 6-8 year old girls?

  • My cousin's daughter is 6 and I am at a loss too. She's so not a "girly girl" - will only wear track suits and NO pink, lol. I think I'm getting her some kind of craft set b/c I know she likes to make stuff.
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  • I have a 6 year old niece and one that just turned 8 :)  They each are getting a shirt and a book and then I got them a  joint gift of the following:

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  • DS games if they have a Nintendo DS. My 8yo niece is way into her Barbies right now, and wants everything Barbie. Webkinz if they don't have any (or even if they do - some kids want them all.) The 8yo might be into clothes by now. My niece and stepdaughter are. Ramona Quimby or Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.



  • Target has some neat craft sets. make your own erasers, design your own water bottle etc. Also they have a DQ Blizzard maker on sale for $21 (I think) which was pretty neat. Easy Bake also makes microwave sets for around $20. They can make cookies and cakes if they are into cooking.
  • We are getting my niece (7) some Zhu Zhu pet stuff because she likes that type of stuff along with craft sets from TRU and a Claires GC since she loves feeling like a 'girly-girl'.
  • I have 2 girls, 6 and 7.  The love:

    Any craft activity or set (make your own jewelry, pot holders, candy maker, lip balm maker)

    American girl dolls and accessories


    Chapter books (Junie B Jones, Ivy and Bean, Judy Moody, Ramona series)

    My girls seem to have outgrown their Zhu Zhu pets but some of their friends still like them. 

  • My niece is 7 and we got her a make your own bracelet set from Target for $10 and Magic Treehouse books. When she opened her first Magic Treehouse book she jumped up and down and then on me (for Hanukkah last night).

    American Girl stuff was also on her wish list.

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  • image scorpio72:

    My girls seem to have outgrown their Zhu Zhu pets but some of their friends still like them. 

    My niece and SD both still want zhu zhu pets when they see them advertised, but neither has played with the ones they already have in months.



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