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Big U/S tomorrow morning

We have our big u/s tomorrow and I was wondering what I should expect.  I've had several other scans so I feel like I should know, but I find myself wondering if it will be different.  Should I expect this one to be lengthy?

I don't know why I am suddenly so nervous about this.  Makes no sense at all.

Re: Big U/S tomorrow morning

  • Good luck!!

    I can't remember how long the antaomy scan appointment took, but it was longer than the other quick appointments.

    I hope everything goes well!

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  • I've got no answers for you, but am so excited to hear!!
  • It is a longer u/s.  I want to say mine was 20 or 30 minutes?  They have to look at every part of the baby and take a lot of measurements.  Depending on how cooperative the baby is it could take a while.  But just think, you'll get to spend all that time looking at your baby on the screen. :)
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  • Good luck and have fun! 

    From what I remember, it took about 20 minutes and that was including my doctor coming in to talk to us after the tech had taken all of the measurements.  They asked us right away if we wanted to find out what we were having, so she tried to find that pretty quickly.  She also explained exactly what we were seeing since that was the first ultrasound I had.  It was an incredible experience!

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