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TOMS shoes

Has anyone ever bought a pair of shoes from Toms?  For each pair of shoes purchased they will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. 

I have decided that I really think some of them are very cute.  Maybe they are better for summer though?  I tend to lack any sense of fashion and I am wondering what kind of socks do you wear with these shoes?  Being here in Indiana my feet would freeze going without socks however the ones I really like are the corduroy ones like these.

 Please help me out.  :)

Re: TOMS shoes

  • Definitely a better summer shoe because there is not much to them.  I don't think I've ever worn socks with them.  However, the mission of the company is awesome and I think it's great to support them!  We are likely getting my sister in law a pair for christmas.
  • PS - LOVE those cord shoes!  I hadn't opened your link yet when i made the first reply.
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  • I want some TOMS so bad! I would personally just wear my normal winter socks and rock 'em all Winter as long as it wasn't wet out. But I'm a dork and don't care if it looks silly to wear socks with them :) I've been eyeing the orange pair for quite some time and also love the ocean ones.
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