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Hand Foot Mouth?

Stella has been miserable for about a week now. We were up with her all night last night. She's had a fever, cough, runny nose and has a weird rash on her wrists and ankle bones...The best I can come up with is HFM..I know a few of you have recently had to deal with it....what did the doctor suggest? How long did it take to get over? I'm going to wait and see how she is tomorrow and probably keep her home from DC and call the pedi.
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Re: Hand Foot Mouth?

  • aw :( poor girl - I have no experience with HFM but I hope she gets better!
  • I don't know either, but hope she gets better soon!
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  • I'm no doctor, but that sounds exactly like Ella's symptoms when she had HFM.

    I think it's worth having a pedi look at it, but because it's a virus the only thing you can really do is keep her comfy and hydrated. We did a constant rotation - every 3-4 hours - of ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

    We were lucky that she didn't have any problems eating or drinking, but if Stella does, you might have to resort to popsicles or frozen yogurt (literally yogurt you put in the freezer, not like TCBY).

    Hang in there! It can last a while - a week or two - but she should start feeling better soon!

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