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Just wanted to share a good site.......

For those of you that don't know about this..... has a great program for diapers (and wipes).  You can buy  Pampers (and other brand diapers) in bulk at a comparable price to BJ's/Costco but you sign up for 15% subscribe and save and then another 15% off with Amazon moms.  The diapers get shipped out once a month (or more if you want) for as many boxes as you want each month with free shipping.  The diapers come out to about $0.12/ per diaper.  I was buying Pampers Dry Max 288 count for $39.99 at BJ's and I just got them for $27.99.

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Re: Just wanted to share a good site.......

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    Amazon moms is also a good deal. It's free to sign up and gives you 3 months of free Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping on most items.)  Every time you spend $25 in the baby store, you get an extra month.


  • Options + a coupon code from Parents magazine = BEST DEAL EVER!!!

    After 2 rounds of IVF & 2 rounds of FET, we were blessed with identical twin girls!

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