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Ann - Thank you SO Much for the buttons and jingle bells. I can't remember if I thanked you.  I finished Andrew's shirt and it's perfect!!!  The button sizes were just right :)

I still need to put the jingle bells on his shoes :-) He'll love that. 


We need to meet sometime. I can't remember where exactly you live! 

Re: amstep

  • I'm in Fort Wayne, which is not NEARLY close enough to you guys and to the shopping mecca of Indy, lol. But if I do get down there, I will give you a heads' up, for sure!

    So glad they worked!  I was honestly going to the PO the next day, anyway, to mail my nephew his birthday shirt.  It was not any trouble at all, and I just felt like Andrew needed some fun in his life after the terrible week/month/year you guys have been having!

    Hope he enjoys his jingle toes!!!

  • Well Darn!  I'm never up that way!  Hopefully some day our paths will cross :-)
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