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September baby became October baby!

Abigail Madeleine was due to be born September 15th. Her due date came and went. My husband and I planned on a natural birth so I told my doctor that being induced was not an option. He agreed, so we waited it out. One week went by and still no baby. Two weeks went by and NADA. Finally my doctor looked at me and said ?I think it?s time?. There really wasn?t any medical reasoning behind being induced other then the fact I was 15 days past due. I was healthy, fluid was good, I felt great, and most importantly, the baby was healthy. But, on the evening of September 30, I was admitted to the hospital for inducement.
The night started off with IV?s, and being strapped to monitors. SOOO not what I planned. Then came the drugs. First I was given Cervidil to soften my cervix. I contracted through the night with no progress. In the morning I was still less than 1 centimeter dilated and 75% effaced. My doctor told me to take a shower and eat some cereal so that I wasn?t starving because next came the Pitocin. Sigh. Throughout the day I was examined to see if I progressed. Sadly, nothing happened. My doctor then told me that the next step was Cytotec. Something I never even heard of. It?s a pill that?s inserted up near your cervix and replaced every 4 hours as needed. So, at 9PM they began the Cytotec. After about an hour or so I started to notice some bleeding. I called the nurse and she told me all was fine that it was a sign that the drug was actually working. Thank god. A few more hours passed and the doctor came in to examine me and to give me the next dose. Finally I was progressing. The next morning when my doctor came in to check me I had progressed to almost 1 ? centimeters and 100% effacement. YAH! He started the Pitocin again and that?s when labor started for real. In just a few hours I went from 1 ? to 3 centimeters. The contractions were so intense it wasn?t even funny. Finally, I couldn?t take it anymore and opted for an epidural. And to be honest, I am so happy that I did. It relaxed me enough to just kick start my labor into high gear. I went from 4 centimeters to 10 and ready to push in less than 2 hours. Of course there were complications along the way. My blood pressure dropped and I had to be given ephedrine and oxygen.
I wish I could say that I pushed for a half hour and out popped Abigail. But, no such luck. Try, 2 painful hours. Abigail was stuck on my pelvic bone. OUCH! Finally my doctor said I had a choice. We could either try forceps or opt for a c-section. Can anything be easy with this labor? Well, my husband and I both opted for the forceps. On my next contraction I pushed so hard I thought I would die. The pain was so intense the patients on the other side of the hospital must have heard me. But on October 2, 5:07 PM, 18 days past my due date, our little, or should I say big angel, Abigail, was born into our world. She weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds, 20.5 inches, was healthy as a horse, and had a full head of hair. Me, I was a train wreck. I had 3rd degree tears, internally and externally, and the doctor had to cut my perineum.
I wish I could say that my journey ended after Abigail was born but it didn't. As I was laying there waiting to be brought upstairs to the nursery floor I started feeling some pain down there. I was given some Motrin and wheeled out into the hall to be brought upstairs. The pain seemed to be intensifying so the nurse gave me a Percocet. By the time I got upstairs the pain was very intense. I was given another Percocet and was told that the pain should start easing. Well, it didn?t, it got worse. I was experiencing pain like no other. The nurse immediately called the doctor but he had just left the hospital so he sent the resident on staff. I remember her apologizing profusely as she gave me the most painful exam. She said that I would more then likely have to go for surgery to remove what she thought was a Hematoma. At this point I was screaming for them to do anything they had to do to stop the pain. All I know is that some angel came and gave me something in my IV that made me feel wonderful. No more pain. My doctor was rushed back to the hospital realizing my emergency. He did a thorough exam diagnosed me with a Hematoma and decided that operating was not necessary. He said that the Hematoma would dissolve in its own being it wasn?t that large. In the mean time they would keep me medicated to ease my pain. I was very nervous about all these drugs, but I was assured, by more then one person, that it wouldn?t harm my baby. And, luckily, she didn?t experience any side effects.
In the end, it all worked out. Nothing I had written on my birth plan even remotely happened but that?s OK. Abigail is healthy and that?s all that matters. Talk about life throwing you a curve ball.

Re: September baby became October baby!

  • Aw she's precious! I'm sorry you had such a long and painful experience :(
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  • Congrats...she is so darn cute.
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  • I like Abigail was very late - 3 weeks!  My mom's EDD was Nov. 29th but I wasn't born until the morning of Dec. 18th.  You are amazing for holding out as long as you did.  Congrats on a beautiful little girl! 

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  • She is beautiful, and I love your positive attitude on the entire situation.  It may have been a very rough few days, but now you have that beautiful angel forever. Congratulations!

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