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My natural (although not planned that way) birth story!!

I enjoyed reading these while I was pregnant, so I thought I would share my story! A warning though- my LO had some complications after birth that we were unaware of, so I dont want to scare anyone!!! 


I started feeling contractions at 1am the morning of Labor Day (4 days before my due date).  I thought they might go away, so I tried walking outside for a little (in my pjs up and down my street at 1am, I am sure I looked like a nut!!) but then realized they weren?t stopping, so I woke DH up and called the doctor- she said I could come in, but I sounded a little too chipper still?We went to the hospital at around 4am, cotnractions were coming about every 5 minutes. They checked meand said I was only 2cm dialated, they wouldn?t admit until 3cm, so to walk around for a little bit and they would check me again. When they did I was still only 2cm- they said you are in labor but this is your first, its going to be a long day. I could stay and walk around there (but not be in my own room-sort of a small triage area) or go home for a while?so we went home (this is 10am!


DH took the dogs downstairs and I was trying to rest upstairs?I remembered I watched 3 Men and A Little Lady...Well the whole time I was having contractions and they got more and more painful- but I didn?t want to go back and them say I was just 3cm!!  DH came upstairs at 11ish when I was screaming my head off- and he called his sister over (a nurse and my BFF)..I was literally on the toilet saying I thought I was going to poop her out!  WE all went to the hospital (and at this point I was that person in the movies that they are running through the halls with and was screaming like a mad woman- now my 1min apart)? my SIL gets me up to the unit- and I guess will all my screaming they put me right into a room. They take my shorts off and you can see LO?s hair already.  I was screaming and swore that I was going to "poop my baby out" and that "I cant do this"!  THe doc was great, and the nurse helped me focus, and they told me that I was the only one that COULD do this.. I begged for some drugs, but they said it was too late.. Then I heard them tell me that LO's heart rate was dropping and I had to push or they were going to have to get the vacuum thingy out..1 last push and she was out!!!  I delivered in DH tee shirt- no time for any drugs (not my plan at ALL!!!) We checked into the hospital at 12:24pm and Camryn was born at 1:04pm!


Well I would love to tell you the amazing feeling of holding her, but unfortuately when she came out she had some heart issues- but I dont want scare anyone so I wont go into those details. I will say that she is all fixed up and a perfect baby girl now!! (thank God for our miracle baby girl!!!)


Motherhood is the best feeling in the whole wide world for me, I didnt know how much I would truly love it! Even after my crazy birthing experience, I was so glad that I can say that I went natural. I was so proud of the fact that I felt like I couldnt do it- yet my body and perservence pushed me through.  Good luck to all of you ladies out there!!!

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Re: My natural (although not planned that way) birth story!!

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