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Amnio experience?!

Can anyone let me know how their amnio experience was? I'm nervous about the possibility of having one. Our baby is measuring extremely big so I'm either going to be induced or have a scheduled c sec and they want to test his fluid to determine his lung development. I've only heard bad things about amnios. What should I expect? 

Re: Amnio experience?!

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    They numb that spot.  Use an ultrasound to guide the needle.... poke the needle in, draw up the fluid, and you're done. 

    That's about it.  

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    Actually my doctor said they don't numb you. 
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    I wasn't numbed. They sterilized, and warned me that they were going to stick me (I didn't watch) and about 5 min later it was done.it burned a lot towards the end, and I had a bruise-like feeling at the injection site for a few days, but overall it wasn't the worst experience ever. Mine was done at 19w when they thought they saw something wonky in the anatomy scan. Baby boy decided to try to grab the amnio needle, too. Good times (oh, and they were wrong about the wonk. Kid is fine)
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