Can I make Kraft Mac & Cheese with water instead of milk?

I have the regular Kraft Mac & Cheese and I just dumped the noodles in to boil and then remembered that we are out of milk.  It only takes 1/4 cup.  Think I can sub water??  grrrrrr.

Re: Can I make Kraft Mac & Cheese with water instead of milk?

  • I think that would be pretty gross. Do you have sour cream, yogurt (plain or vanilla) or cream cheese? Those would be a decent substitute. I make my mac with yogurt instead of milk anyway!
  • oh god no will be the most grossest thing ever.  ghm had good can also use half n half if you have it or evaporated milk.
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  • I would use liquid nondairy creamer before I would use water. Ick.
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  • I used whipped cream cheese, and it was a fail.  It actually tasted decent to me, but it screwed with the texture and the extra mixing took a toll on the noodles, so DS wouldn't eat it.  Sometimes I wish I could blindfold him at dinnertime, cause I'm convinced that if he'd just try some things he'd really like them.
  • I don't use milk at all, makes it too runny. I put in a bit of butter, and stir. yum!
  • You could have used water.  That's exactly what Easy Mac is.
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