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Pelvic Bone Out Of Place?????

So the other night I fell on a hard wood floor and ended up going to labor and delivery. I was hurting, cramping and having a pain in my chest. They monitored me for 4 hours and told be that I popped my pelvic bone out of place. They then told me that they could not pop it back until after I have the deliver. I was also told that I have to deal with the pain every day until delivery. I dont know how to feel about this. Has anybody heard of delivering with a dislodged pelvic bone?

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  • your post made me cringe, my pelvis has hurt so bad for the last few weeks, i can't imagine popping it out of place. has the dr mentioned the chance of a c-section with that kind of injury & the fact that you're delivering twins?

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  • Oh no! That happened to a good friend of mine during her first pregnancy. Are they going to let you deliver? She had to get a c section because it was out of place. She too had to just deal with the pain and it happened during her 2nd trimester. I hope you start feeling better!
  • I have no idea, but ouchy!!!  Glad you and LO are ok and sorry you have to deal with this the rest of your pregnancy.  I guess ask your OB how it will be affected by pushing.  Who knows, maybe it will be easier to push LO out because your pelvis can move around easier?  Maybe?  Still makes me cringe.
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  • I am sorry you are going through this. Mine was not injury related, but my pelvis separated at 24 weeks. Symphysis pubis dysfunction is the more mild form. Diastasis symphysis pubis is the more severe form.

    As you may know, PG bodies produce relaxin to allow our bodies to loosen up for delivery. Because of this, things pop out of place more easily. For me, my pubis symphysis relaxed too early and too much, causing a separation. I don't know that what I feel is exactly what you feel, but there may be some similarities.

    Here is a C&P of info on what I have:

    My dr said the two best-feeling things would be to be on all-fours and to sleep in a recliner position. I do both.  I did the recliner position with like 7 pillows then some friends lent me their fancy pillows. So, I put a wedge under my back and the snoogle under my knees (so they stay bent) and around my left side and then under my back to keep me in one place. I also put a second pillow under both my knees and head. I am considering borrowing a recliner from a friend for the days I work from home bacause sitting in a chair gets to be painful even though I alternate between a normal chair and a balance ball chair.

    Laying on my side has became impossible after a few weeks with it. I didn?t do it before much because it hurt, but now it literally makes me want to scream.

    I have heard that seeing a chiropractor can help. Another thing I?ve heard is to squeeze a tennis ball below the knee, at the knee, and above the knee for five seconds at each place as a good way to keep those muscles strong since squatting has become excruciating, but is great labor prep. I can also do modified squats with my knees facing more to the front and with holding onto a support. (We are doing the Bradley Method, which is big on squats.) Walking?with small, slow steps?also is amazing. It causes dull pain, but inactivity causes me sharp pain when I get up. So, I pick the dull pain and the overall health benefit that walking still has.

    The Prenatal Cradle Plus V2 belt is helpful, though I do not wear it every day. On desk-work days I skip it because it is uncomfortable to sit in.  Also, our floors at home are wood and springy and gentle on my body?especially when I wear shoes. Oh, that is a big thing I?ve just learned?shoes really help cushion things and keep the pain away for longer. On active days at work when I am on my feet a lot (and on the unyielding floor, which is carpet over concrete slab), the belt makes it MUCH better.

    This website is one of the first things I found that was helpful. While this is a lay-person?s site, her tips on keeping legs together when getting in and out of the ca and bed, sitting when putting on pants, etc. are little things that make a big difference:

    Swimming and soaking in the tub also feel great.

    ETA--A PP mentions how a friend needed a c-section. That may not be the default for you. Several sources say that epidurals and c-sections should be avoided by people with pubic separation. So, talk to your dr. I am still on track for a low-intervention, med-free vaginal birth.

  • Well I have an appointment on Tuesday but the labor and delivery doctor told me that I dont have to get a c-section, which is great. I'll see what my ob says at my appointment. I just really wish my husband was here instead of in Afghanistan.
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