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Bon Secours St. Mary's (Richmond)

We're doing the hospital tour in January and I've heard good things.  Anyone here deliver at St. Mary's?  Good experience?

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  • I delivered at St. Mary's and had a great experience - I went in for an induction due to PIH, so I dealt with L&D nurses while not in active labor.  All of the nurses were extremely friendly and encouraging, especially the nurse that was present during delivery.  I was terrified of being induced, but I couldn't be happier how things went down at St. Mary's.  H&H 9 months!

  • i'm due in Feb and plan on delivering there. We've been happy so far. If you go with them, check out the classes they offer. Most of them are free.
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  • Thanks, ladies!  That's a huge help and reassurance to hear good stories.  I appreciate the feedback so much! :)
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