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Katherine's birth story

Katherine's birth story


Thought I'd share as I enjoyed reading others stories towards the end. 

I was scheduled to be induced on Monday the 29th and went in as planned at 7.  At 7:30 I was about 1.5-2 cm and 60-70% effaced, they broke my water which was bulging and when the doc broke it it totally popped all over making the doctor jump away in surprise.  I then walked for about an hour which brought on some mild contractions about 8 minutes apart.  I then was told I could walk another hour and if things weren't progressing we could do potocin.  So I walked for another hour and things picked up some and I asked if we could wait a little longer to start potocin to see if they would pick up even more without.  So the nurse went to call the doc to see if that was okay and during that time they picked up even more and the nurse checked me and I had progressed to a 3 by 9:30.  The doc had said we'd wait on potocin until 10:30.  By 10 the contractions were getting stronger and around 10:30 I was at a 5 and told I could get an epidurel when needed so I waited through a few more contractions until I felt I needed it and then asked for it and of course they couldn't get a hold of the epideral guy right away so I was in total pain, crying, shaking my head back and forth, I told my husband that I didn't think I could do this and he said of course you can you've done it two times already.  Finally after the longest half hour of my life the epideral showed up and once he got it in, which wasn't painful except for having to curl up in a ball while he inserted it, I was feeling good after about 10 minutes and was so releaved.  That was all finished around 11:30.  The nurse then checked me and I was at a 6-7.  She said she was going to call the doctor because of my history of going very fast at the end.  She told me to let her know if I felt like pushing or bowel movement type sensation.  At about 12 I told my husband to get her cause I was feeling extra pressure and she should just check in case.  She checked and I was at a 8 and 95% effaced.  She called doc again and told me to again let her know if felt like pushing.  At 12:15 I had her check again and I was a 9, doc got their at 12:25 and I was ready to push.  Pushed a few times and Katherine was born at 12:35!  She had her hand by her face but turned her head so I didn't end up tearing at all which was great.  Overall I felt I couldn't have asked for a better birthing experience and was so in love with her the second I saw her!  Good luck to all!

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