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Weight gain, 5 lbs?

I was reading one of my pregnancy books last night, and it said that by now I should have gained about 5 lbs.  Really?  Because I haven't gain any.  I know that every pregnancy is different, but is this true? Surely NOT!  This is our first LO, and I am barely showing.  I have my second appointment tomorrow, so I will get an accurate weight then, but any thoughts?

Re: Weight gain, 5 lbs?

  • I swear those pounds pile on fast! I have gained a good 7-8 pounds in the past week and a half! I didn't think I was going to gain any, then all of a sudden they came so fast! But, you may not gain as much weight as the next person.....
  • Thoughts? Books are guidelines and every pregnancy is different (like you said).

    Many women that have m/s lose tons of weight and don't start gaining until well into their 2nd tri.  If your doc isn't concerned, then you shouldn't be either.

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  • imagecarissa_danielle:
    I swear those pounds pile on fast! I have gained a good 7-8 pounds in the past week and a half! I didn't think I was going to gain any, then all of a sudden they came so fast! But, you may not gain as much weight as the next person.....

    Thanks!  I'm sure by the time May comes, I'll be "eating" my words.

  • You've only gained 5 lbs at 15 weeks? that doesn't sound good at all.

    From what i've read, normal is about 1 lb a month for the first couple of months, then you start gaining 1 lb a week once you delve into the end of the first trimester. It is also mentioned though that your pre-pregnancy weight has an impact on how much you gain. 

    I gained 4 lbs by week 8, week 9 and 10 i put on freaking 10 lbs all in my breasts, feet and stomach, and then it slowed back down to 1 lb a week the last 3 weeks. When all is said and done, i'm supposed to gain about 35 lbs but who knows...

    Granted i'm probably not the norm being 6 years post gastric bypass and hypothyroid..  

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  • image*LisaFrank*:
      If your doc isn't concerned, then you shouldn't be either.

    I am still down about 6lbs (7lbs down was my lowest) from my pre pregnancy weight, according to the scale at the doctor's office yesterday. Not once have they questioned me about it. My feeling is that if the doctor isn't worried, why should I be? I am sure soon enough I will be gaining it all back. Don't stress yourself out over it. Just eat healthy stuff and you will be fine.

  • I haven't gained any either, which is strange cause I clearly have a bump and bigger boobs yet no extra weight. So am I losing it from somewhere else lol. I'm not worried about not gaining weight just yet though. I'm sure we will catch up.
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  • I'm a little ahead of you and am still down 1 pound.  I never had a day of morning sickness and eat like a horse...which is why I'm sure it'll hit me hard overnight someday soon.  I don't think I'm showing, but I can only fit in maternity pants so something's happening.

    I did talk to the doc about it last appt and she wasn't worried at all. We have our anatomy scan next week and as long as baby's growing well, I'm not worried about my lack of weight gain right now.


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  • I was 133 pre-preg weight and I've gained 11 lbs. in 15 weeks!  Although, I didn't have any morning sickness and was eating like I had a tapeworm.  My appetite slowed down a bit, so I am hoping I don't gain so much so quickly from now on... and no, there aren't twins in there, just one Big Smile 
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  • EVERY pregnancy is different and everyone has different starting weights, so don't compare.  I finally just gained my first 2lbs.  Last time, I had gained at least 6lbs by now which was still really good, but I ended up gaining almost 45lbs by the end.  I am hoping that doesn't happen this time.  

    If your OB ays you are fine, then you are fine.  The only concern would be if you had started really underweight and hadn't gained, but your OB would have said something. 

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  • I'm 15 weeks and I've lost a couple of pounds, even though I wasn't sick during 1st tri and I feel like I'm eating everything in sight.  Like PPs said, every pregnancy is totally different.
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  • I have gained 11 lbs so far!
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  • Like others have said, every person and pregnancy is different. At your point, I hadn't gained any yet either (I haven't weighed myself in the last couple weeks, so I may have gained a few after Thanksgiving!) :-)

    The books are just a general guideline. As you can see, lots of women haven't gained anything yet, some folks have lost, and others have gained. Unless your doctor is concerned, don't worry, the weight will come. :-)

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  • Thanks everyone.  I am eating properly, plus some!  I did not have morning sickness either and as of now, I feel great!  Glad to know that I'm not alone!  The lbs are soon to come, though!

  • I've only gained 3, okay well technically 4 but apparently in the last month I lost 1. My doctor isn't concerned, I have a pretty healthy appetite too, and I am definitely eating. I guess my body is using all those extra calories I am consuming. I also started overweight though and my doctor only wants me to gain 15-20lbs total so I am on track for where they want me. 

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  • My book says I've should have gained 10, guess what I didn't!!

    As long as the doctor isn't worried, then don't worry!

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  • Last appointment I was down 6lbs since my last appointment, and 8 from my pre-preg weight. I'm not worrying unless my OB does. The only thing he said he would be concerned about is if I continued to lose and was unable to gain, which is a legitimate concern since I am post-op gastric bypass.

    He was more concerned about my hypoglycemia and the fact I was having black outs than my weight loss.

  • From what I've read and heard, you're supposed to gain 2-4 pounds in the first trimester and 1-1.5 every week during the second.  But that's a generic number, so ask your doctor.  If he/she is okay with your weight gain, than you're fine.  And I'm sure he/she can give you some guidelines for future weight gain.
  • I'm 18 weeks and have only gained 3lbs and that was at my appt the Monday after Thanksgiving!  My OB is not worried. I had my anatomy sono too and baby boy is measuring right along track and weighing in at half a lb. I was worried about IUGR with not gaining much weight so far but my OB assured me that everything was fine!
  • I dropped 8.5 lbs in the first 11 weeks. My weight has remained steady, even through my week off from work and Thanksgiving. My doctor was not concerned, since the baby was measure a week ahead at my last visit. I am just pleased I am no longer sick!!
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  • Every pregnancy is different, but every book is different, too...


    Those pounds will creep up on ya with a quickness. I haven't gained yet, either...still losing a big of weight, but I wasn't very dainty to begin with. If your doctor isn't worried, you shouldn't be either.

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