Pregnant after a Loss

*takes a few deep breaths*


my palms are sweaty


my tummy hurts


how can I be so excited, yet so nervous, for something?! Not just something - OUR BABY WILL BE HERE IN LIKE 10 HOURS!



ETA: Also, I swear to god I will FLY OFF THE HANDLE at the next person who comments on our decision to do a c-section... I swear to god, I am SO sick of feeling like I have to explain myself. I know I don't... but it's people like some of those on my Facebook who piss me off so bad UGH. Will I ever learn to just keep details to myself? Probably not.  

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Re: *takes a few deep breaths*

  • exciting.  Good luck tomorrow.  I'll be thinking of you.

    Collin, we're all very excited to meet you :)

    Lilah Eve---our angel in heaven: Born sleeping 12/2/09 @ 28w3d. We love you and miss you everyday, little angel.
    Isabella Faith---Born 12/17/10 via c-section.
    Abigail Marie---Born 11/16/12 via c-section
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  • I can only imagine how you must feel.  So many different feelings.  Can't wait to meet the little guy.  Good luck tomorrow!
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  • I'm so excited for you!!  I know it is probably about impossible, but try to get some good sleep tonight!  Can't wait to see the pics!
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  • Collin we are so excited to meet you and good luck momma, you are going to be great!!!
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  • Good luck!! We'll be thinking of you!!!
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  • Good Luck!! I can't wait to "meet" him! You're going to do great! 
  • *hugs* GL today!

    Hun, I was in your boat... went on to do a second failed induction before ending up with a C. Going striaght to a C is a much better idea and if I knew then what I know now there is no way I would have let them induce again. Recovery will be 10X easier.

    Lots of deep breaths. You're going to meet your LO today.

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  • You can do it!!!!!!  Yayyy!!!!
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  • YAY! Good luck! I can't wait to see a picture of him! 
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  • Good luck! Can't wait to "meet" your little cookie monster! :)
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  • Yay yay yay! I'm so excited for you! Don't worry about what ppl say cause thery're gonna talk $hit no matter what! Just know you made the best decision for you and your famil! ((Big Hugs)) can't wait to "meet" your little man!
    TTC# 1 Since 10/2005----Diagnosed with PCOS March of 2006
    multiple failed cycles, multiple IUIs, lap with ovarian drilling 4/2008
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    Liliana was born on March 27,2010 at 21w5d due to infection and pre-term labor
    BFP #2 on 6/20/10 after Gonal-F and TI First u/s showed Twins! 
    TTC#2 since 02/2012 with out RE... 
    Back to RE 08/2016----- Cycle #1 10/2016 Femara 7.5mg=???

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  • Lots of luck today!!!! And as for the rude people - eff em. All that matters is your little guy will be getting here safe:)
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    Missed m/c at 17 weeks, partial molar pregnancy d&c 11/30/09
  • Good luck!!!
    4 early losses 2009, 2010, 2015.  Baby #1 born 2/13/11.  
  • ((hugs and good drugs))  I'm excited for you!  I hope all goes well, and I'm sure it will.  Just think, in just a couple of hours you'll have sweet Collin in your arms!
    BFP#1 4/17/10...EDD 1/6/11...M/C 5/28/10 BFP#2 11/19/10...EDD 8/4/11 Squeaker born 7/30.
  • Oh the anticipation! So excited for you. Shrug your shoulders, set your jaw and keep moving forward. You're making the best decision for your family.
    Isaac Levi 4/26/09 : BFP#2 - MC 9w : Ezra John 6/26/11 : Miriam Joy 4/12/13 : Naomi Ann 9/2/14

  • Good luck!
  • Oh, I am so excited for you and DH. I can't wait to 'meet' baby Collin!
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  • I know I'm late coming in, but GOOD LUCK!!! I hope everything goes wonderfully : )
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    BFP # 4 - 07/27/13 EDD 04/08/14 - CP 07/29/13


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  • GL today!!!  Soooo exciting!!!  :)
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