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Help please!  Everything I've read says that BF babies don't really overeat.  However, I'm convinced my LO does.  She got her shots on Monday, and tonight, she was eating longer than normal - as soon as she was done, I lifted her up to burp her.  She vomited all over me.  Not just spit up.  It sounded like she heaved a bit, then puked EVERYTHING out.  My shirt was soaking wet.  It was the most she's puked ever. 

She's done this 2-3 times in the past few days (although tonight was at least 3 times the volume), and every time - she's at the breast longer than normal.  Is it possible she's overeating?  She nurses every 2-3 hours.  Thanks! 

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Re: Overeating?

  • I'm not going to pretend to know anything about anything but I will tell you my experience. I would nurse DS on both sides for 10 minutes each and everytime he was done he would spit up. My pedi said to try nursing on one side. Since then, DS doesn't spit up anymore. He now nurses 10 minutes on one side per feeding. Now I don't know if he was over eating or what but that is what happened with us.
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