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Dry Pail or Wet Bag?

Getting set up with cloth diapering with my first baby... do you use a dry pail and wet bag? Are either a better choice for cloth? Thanks :)
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Re: Dry Pail or Wet Bag?

  • I use a Planetwise hanging wet bag.  It's worked out great for me.  There is no smell, and it's easy on wash day, just pick up the bag and bring it to the laundry room and toss it all into the washer!  My only complaint its the zipper pull is REALLY small, so I tied a looped shoe lace onto it.

    I never used a pail, so I can't really compare the two. 

  • I really love our MFD (Monkey Foot Design) wetbags. I had her make custom XXL ones with two top snap straps to hang it from the side of the changing table. It contains the smell really well, and I love them so much more than the PW ones I had. 

    Whether you do a wet bag or a pail liner, both should be used dry.

  • I love my swing lid garbage can with a planet wise pail liner. It so easy to just toss the diapers and wipes in. No unzipping or anything.  I use wet bags in my diaper bag.  And ditto PP.  Wet bags don't refer to water in them (I thought this for awhile and was like yuck!) The "wet" refers to the fact that they are waterproof and you can toss wet stuff in there.

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  • I currently use a trash can with a pail liner. However, I am expecting two new hanging wetbags in the mail, and then I will ditch the trashcan.
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  • I use a dry pail.  I have never tried a wet pail.  A "wet bag" is a travel bag for throwing dirty diapers in. :-)


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