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Please tell me it gets easier at some point...(sorry, whiny vent)

I am really hating life right now. I am so lonely and I don't feel like my friends/family understand what I am dealing with because they are all happily paired off with their SO's. They all say they are there for me, but that doesn't mean they get it.

My son has been sick and not sleeping great, I am sick of working, I'm sick of doing homework and I just started the Bachelor program about a month ago...I'm sick of being lonely. My STBXH was my best friend, now he's just basically vanished from my life. He sees our son a couple hrs on the weekend, sometimes...I need a damn break, but don't feel like I can ask him for help at all.

I really hate this.  

Sorry for whining, I usually try to deal with things better than this, tonight is a bad night. 

Re: Please tell me it gets easier at some point...(sorry, whiny vent)

  • Most of us have been there.   It is really hard to be running on empty and have to keep going and going.  I struggle with this too, but ask for help.  It is far too much for one person to take on sometimes, especially when the breeakup is fresh.  If you need a night off to do homework, ask someone to keep LO.  If you want to get your nails done or go out with a friend, why not ask for that too.  You have to carve out a minute or two to recharge when you can.  If it makes you feel any better, you will eventually fall into a routine and it will become "easier" or at least your norm.  Good luck!
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  • From my experience, it does get better! As someone who doesn't ask for help, I understand how frustrating and stressful it can be do go it alone. (I'm a single mother of 2 with 1 more on the way). Odds are if you ask for some help from a good friend or family memeber, they will probably help!

    Good for you for starting a Bachelor's program! I understand the work can be stressful but it will be worth it in the end.

    Keep your chin up and focus on the positive things in your life. It sounds like you are doing an amazing job so far!

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  • ((hugs))


    It gets better, and worse, and better, and worse...  but better for the most part.

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  • You can vent anytime.  We all have done it at one point or another.  I know it doesn't make it all better, but I get some consolation from my RL and internet SP gals.  It helps to know that you truly aren't in it alone, and other people feel your pain. 

    Hang in there.  And try to do something nice for yourself.

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  • I was about to get on here and post this exact feeling. I  don't feel like anyone truly "gets it" other than these girls on here. They know first hand what it's like to go thru the ups and downs of being a single mom. Heck, I'm not even a mom yet and it's hell for me. So, I can NOT imagine what it's going to be like once my sweet baby gets here. I have surrounded myself with so many girlfriends that I hope will help me get thru this.

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  • Thank you all so much for your support and kind words! I really appreciate this and am going to bookmark this post for when I feel like crap again! I am doing a bit better tonight...

    And to all of you having a rough time yourself, hang in there and good luck! Try to take care of yourselves too, that is something I need to remind myself to do as well! 

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