3rd Trimester

Going home tomorrow after a 2 week long trip

So I've been in Maryland for the last 2 weeks visiting with my brother and his family  It's been an awesome trip, and I'm so glad I came...but I'm SO ready to be going home!!  Since I've been here I've been swelling WAY more than I did back home (in California, btw).  The first night was pretty bad, and I know it was because of the plane ride here.  Then a few days later we drove for about 5 hours to pick up my SIL, and on the way back I could feel the blood pulsating and building up in my legs.  That was the worst!  At first I was freaking out 'cause I thought it might be pre-e, but the swelling always went away after resting and drinking water and what not. 

 I miss my hubby so much, too!  Especially being 35 weeks and away from him for so long, it made me super emotional and I had a really hard time sleeping here.  But yay!  I'm going home tomorrow!  At 5AM, hahahaha.  

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