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Cord Blood Banking

Because of some family history we have decided to privately bank DDs cord blood. Has anyone had a good or bad experience with a certain company?

Re: Cord Blood Banking

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    I have heard great things about ViaCord and Cbr. We will be banking with one of these two companies.
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    We banked our first son's cord blood with CBR and had a terrific experience. We will be doing the same this time around, the kit is already in the hospital bag!

    good luck!

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    A L&D nurse (and family friend) gave me the following advice:

    Use a reputable company such as CBR or Viacord. They're fairly similar, so it just depends on yours. She used CBR with 1 child and Viacord with her 2nd.

     However, call both ahead of time and see if you can negotiate a deal. For example, I got a coupon for $500 off with Viacord, but if I ask CBR and play the whole, "Oh, that's your price? Well, maybe we'll go to Viacord because they gave me an awesome discount" game then I might be able to get a better deal from one company.

    I'm planning on going for the least costly option since they seem to have similar positive reviews.


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    Thanks everyone, this helps a lot! I was leaning toward one of those two, but didn't know anyone who had actually used them!
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