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Homemade soakers

My mom knit a couple soakers for my LO and I'm getting ready to prep my CDs!  I assume the ones she made need to be lanolinized before use?  Once or twice?  TIA!

Re: Homemade soakers

  • I'm new to wool, but I'm pretty sure you need to lanolinize them. I just wanted to tell you how JEALOUS I am of you! How sweet is that!? My mom has her own stuff going on, she's too busy for us and our cloth diapering shenanigans.
  • My mom is pretty much the only person I've talked to who's been encouraging about CDing. And she knit such cute little soakers, I don't want to mess them up! I need to figure out the difference between wool wash and lanolin and whatever else I need.
  • They do need to be lanolized.  Here is a good tutorial:



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  • Ooh thanks that tutorial looks VERY clear and easy to follow.
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