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When Should Mom Come for Delivery?

Hi everybody. My mom lives across the country and at the time of my delivery, our daughter will be 20 months old.  My mom isn't working right now so she said she could come whenever we'd like. I will appreciate her help with my daughter but I don't want to drive all of crazy if she is here too long.  My daughter was born 8 days after my due date so part of me says, she should come a day or so before that and plan to stay a week.  Could any second time Moms offer a suggestion?  Thanks!

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    With first DS, MIL was living with us.  I was SUPER hormonal after having him and they ended up moving out because I just couldn't stand them anymore.  Not that that has anything to do with your situation.  Just the point of the hormones evening out. 

    Also, I had LOTS of guests at the hospital because my husband was so excited he called everyone.  I didn't even get to hold my son, or see his face until an HOUR after he was born.  So be cautious of too many visiters as well.

    I've heard that with your second you deliver sooner as well.  I have a feeling your body will tell you when you will go into labor, so maybe just wait until you feel like its time to tell her when to come out.

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    My first delivered at 38/almost 39weeks. I warned my mom for the next time, with my daughter, she'd need to be out there by at least 37weeks in case I went early again. She totally poo-pooed me, and whadday'know- I delivered at 37wks and some change with DD!! (She flaked on my anyway, and never even bought a ticket.)

    She's swearing this time she'll be out here, but if she's thinking she'll be here around 40 weeks I have the feeling she'll either A. Miss The Birth or B. Come A Week Too Late. 

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    We also live cross-country from our families. Im not due til 12/31, so my mom originally bought her ticket for the 13th, which wouldve made me 37w 3d. Well, 2 weeks ago I was put in the hospital for high BPs and then put on bedrest--with DH in the military and 2 kids in school--it made it REALLY hard on me. SO she switched her flight and came last week. Now at my appt today--theyve schedule my induction for next Friday, the 10th--she wouldve missed it by 3 days if she didnt switch.

    My advice:                                                                                                           *Each pregnancy is different--DS1 was 38w, DS2 was 39w and LO will be induced, next week at 37w. Dont plan for this one based on your last.                                                                                                                           *If shes not coming until later, Id recommend trip insurance. My mom paid something like $16 on it, and she is now being reimbursed for the flight change fees because she came out here because of a 'medical emergency' and all they need is my OBs signature and a little bit of information about me--sounds fair VS spending a few hundred dollars to switch flights.

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    I think your idea is perfect and if you have to go in earlier than that you can always do that.
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    I wonder if you have a local friend or friends that could help out if the baby comes early?  I'd hate to have her come early for nothing, if she has to be back within a certain time.  My mom lives 2 hours away and doesn't work, so it's no biggie for us. Good luck!
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