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advice pls/ feeling awkward/ when to announce

Hi all, so why do I feel awkward about announcing our pregnancy?  Anyone else feeling this way?  I just feel like I have been keeping a secret.  I remember my good friend telling me she was 4 months and I was like wtf!? and then another good friend telling me she just took the test and that just seemed more normal.  

Anyway~ we just had our first apt today and our baby was partying away on the screen!  Amazing.  Do I tell work now or after New Years?  Would that be weird to be like, oh by the way I'm four months and showing, compared to three months and just a little pudgier than usual?  I guess my reason to wait is we are going to Mexico and ... I am being illogical.  WWYD?

Re: advice pls/ feeling awkward/ when to announce

  • Everyone is different and there's no right answer

    With DS, we told BIL and SIL and our friends the day we got a BFP (about 3w 4d) and the rest of the family at Christmas (about 5w).  We figured that if something were to happen, we'd want all the support we could get 

    This time we're waiting.  BIL and SIL are pregnant with their first, so we wanted to give them enough time to enjoy being in the spotlight and tell everyone when they were ready.  (They wanted to wait because a friend went through an early m/c and SIL didn't want to deal with the "untelling".)  We'll be home for Christmas when I'm about 13w along and we'll be announcing then   

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  • ah, scrolling to page 2 I see lots of these posts!  I've been out of bump land for a bit.  I've already told family and close friends~ work just feels awkward, and looks like I'm not the only one feeling this way.

    Will announce facebook after 18-22 week scan.  Simple "its a boy, its a girl" 

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  • I told work during my 11th week, just before Thanksgiving when everyone was in a good mood.  I think that's the most important thing, finding a time when your boss will be in the best position to handle the news (after you've met a big deadline and you have a breather, when things are generally peaceful at work, etc.).  I wanted to tell everyone before my belly told them for me!  GL deciding.

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  • I agree, it can be kind of awkward. I have that same dilema with some co-workers at my office. Most of the ones I work closely with know already, since they would be directly affected by it. I told them in a department meeting when I was about 11 weeks because it just seemed to work out that way. The others, I dont really feel comfortable just being like, hi, how are you? by the way, I am pregnant! Just seems weird. But now that I am 13 weeks I feel more comfortable letting the word spread around. I have an appt and u/s today so as long as all is well we are going to make the offical annoucement. (even though most close friends and family already know)
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  • I told my boss last week and feel very relieved now. I think he was surprised I waited that long. I'm going to tell my coworkers after my next appointment, which is Friday. I was a little nervous because my boss is not really a "kid person", but he was actually really excited and said that he and his wife were thinking about starting a family too. I was all professional and focused on work and upcoming projects and how the pregnancy would affect them, and he was asking all the questions other people ask like, are you going to find out the sex? Is [DH] excited? etc. etc.
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  • Tell whenever you're comfortable with it. I find it awkward too. Our families know, but none of our friends do, and I'm not sure when we'll tell them. I got used to it being a secret for so long that it makes me nervous having it "out there." Part of the reason why I have no plans to announce on Facebook at all...
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  • Announcing is a bit awkward, it's like asking people to congratulate you (I think).  BUT once you start telling people it's so nice to have that extra love, excitement and joy it's not weird anymore.

    Tell whenever feels right for you, true friends won't care when you tell, they will understand!


  • I get nervous every time I tell a new person.  My family found out at around 7 weeks because my grandfather passed away and I wanted to spread some good news through the family. But as for friends and coworkers I've been slow to spread the news. 

    Every time I go to tell someone my heart starts racing and I get really nervous.  I don't have my first u/s until tomorrow so the worry wort in me is probably making me anxious about telling people. 

    I'm not telling work until just before the new year.  My bosses have 10 kids between the two of them so I am sure they will be more than supportive! 

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  • I agree that it's different for everyone.  We've told immediate family and my BFF only, and that's because she randomly asked me on the day of my missed period if we started trying yet... I couldn't hold it in!  

    Because I start my second trimester just before Christmas I'm telling extended family then, as well as friends.  Since I want to tell family before work I'll be waiting until the NY to tell work, due to bosses vacation schedules/holidays.  

    I'm only 10W now though so I'll be 15 weeks when I tell work... It's a little later than I would like, but because of the holidays it just works that way.  I'm debating telling the two people I'm closest to at work, but I'm just afraid of it getting out and my bosses finding out from someone other than me, which I'd rather not happen. 

  • We are announcing at 17 weeks, on Christmas. Reason being that we're going to Mexico right before Christmas and neither my Mom, or MIL would 'allow' us to go if they knew we were expecting. They think Mexico is too 'dangerous' as it is and would take drastic measures (kidnapping me, I'm sure) to guarantee that I didn't go. They're a little nutty about grand children so we're just going to tell them when we're home 'safe'. But I am very nervous about it too! Don't get me wrong, I'm excited....but still have a very nervous feeling about it all.
  • You're definitely not alone; I feel awkward, too.  I don't even really know that I can explain why, but I do. I'm hoping things will change as I go along.
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  • imageLexGator:
    Tell whenever you're comfortable with it. I find it awkward too. Our families know, but none of our friends do, and I'm not sure when we'll tell them. I got used to it being a secret for so long that it makes me nervous having it "out there." Part of the reason why I have no plans to announce on Facebook at all...

    I don't plan on telling Facebook at all either and having been telling friends and family not to post anything about it. I just feel weird having every acquaintance know about my pregnancy, seems a bit much for me...

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