Pregnant after a Loss

:( i think i missed out on buddying up

I have been super busy and away from the board the past month and it looks like the feb ladies buddied up!!!  Is there anyone left that would be my labor buddy? 
TTC#1: 14 months on our own (did HSG, b/w, SA);
BFP on Cycle 14--TWINS! Identical twin boys stillborn at 19wks(1/9/10)
3 break cycles; took clomid 50mg, BFP #2 Beta #1 35, Beta #2 338!!! Owen was born 2/11/11! 
TTC#2: 4 cycles on clomid: BFNs
BFP #3: Cycle #5 100mg clomid; beta #1 21; beta #2 6=CP 
Cycle #6 break cycle TTC no meds=BFN
Cycle #7: 150 clomid+ovidril+IUI=BFN (switched to RE)
Cycle #8: follistem+ovidril+TI=BFN
Cycle #9 Forced break due to cyst
Cycle #10 follistem+ovidril+TI=BFN
Cycle #11 follistem+ovidril+TI=BFN
Cycle#12 Forced break due to cyst, went on BCP; did repeat HSG, Saline U/S
Cycle #13 IVF: Follistim/Menapur ER 11-30 11 eggs, 5 mature, 4 fertilized and 3dt on 12-3; BFN
Cycle #14: IVF#2 lupron/follistim/menopur ER 1-22, 19 eggs, 14 fertilized, 5dt on 1-27, BFP!! beta 1: 63, beta 2: 119; EDD 10-15-13; 1 frozen embie
Miracle Surprise BFP, EDD 10-1-15; saw HB great Betas, 11weeks lost baby MC at home
Moved forward with FET transfered solo frostie on 6-4-15, beta 1: 315, beta 2: 738, u/s showed one baby on track EDD 2-21-16

Re: :( i think i missed out on buddying up

  • I set up the buddies for our feb group.  I can add you to a group or two if you want :)
    ***** TTCAL/Forever Buddy to Cour10e******
    -m/c at 11w2d due to partial molar 2008 -m/c #2 2009
    Beautiful daughter born February 2011
    **Ultimate TTCALer 2009**

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