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Texas Law (advice for a Lurker)

My brother hit my SIL. Now she's trying to leave him. She has mine and my dad's support 100%. We just want what's best for my 19 month old niece. The best way for her to leave him is to move to Georgia with her sister because her BIL is in the Army and stationed over there and can get her a teaching job on base. (she graduates with her teaching degree next week).

We know the best person to answer this is a lawyer, but the one she was referred to is out of town. My question is, what does she need to do to take my niece out of the state without my brother accusing her of kidnapping or anything like that? How long would that take?


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Re: Texas Law (advice for a Lurker)

  • The best thing for her to do would get an emergency order for protection.
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  • My mother runs a domestic violence shelter.  The best thing would be to find a place like that.  They can help her get everything documented and file a protection order, which will help with being able to get her out of the state.
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  • I live in PA but, I was told that if both parents are on the birth certificate and there is no court ordered visitation or parenting plan in place either parent can take the child and it isn't kidnapping. 

    Good Luck to her and I hope she is safe. 

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