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We are planning a post Christmas vacation / babymoon when I am 32 weeks, we are wanting to stay local / semi-local, driving distance only...any ideas??? Went to Boone in the Spring, before we were preggo, so don't want to go back there, been to Ashville on our honeymoon, 7 years ago...Cherokee this past summer, probably won't go back there, it's a ghost town (no pun intended)...not too big much of a beach bunny, but what is there to do during the winter, besides shop??? Any ideas??? We normally go to Gatlinburg/Piegon Forge at least every year...and could go back, but kinda been, there done that... HELP!!

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    I was gunna say Gatlinburg, but seems you already explored that... What about DC? Its pretty in the winter, and not too far of a drive... Or Charleston SC, I love it there and that's definitely drivable!
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    We went to Charleston on year, it was nice, but he isn't much into "historical" cobblestone drives...thus our trip to Williamsburg, VA was fun, didn't know we were preggo and rode every ride twice...opps...baby's growing, so I guess it didn't mess her up too bad...

     I see your from VA Beach, what's to do there?

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    congrats on your new budle of joy!!
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