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How many times can you pump at work?

Hi ladies,

its my 2nd week back and I can barely pump twice a day.  I also barely pump enough for 2 bottles but DS has 3 bottles while I am away.  How many times can you pump at work? Are you pumping enough for the next day?  Also does the room you pump in have a lock?  My room does but I found out the hard way it wasn't working when someone walked in my me- a male doctor! Luckily I was just setting up.  I really love breastfeeding but I am going through the freezer stash so quickly already this totally sucks!

Re: How many times can you pump at work?

  • When I went back to work my supply dropped as well. I began taking fenugreek and blessed thistle (the LC recommened this) and my supply really increased. Also, I did the nurse, shower, pump in the morning and that helped also. I would pump while I got ready in the morning. Try the herbs! best of luck!
  • i pump three times and i get about 12oz. i eat oatmeal every morning and my first pump i get 5 oz... that might help
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  • I pumped 3x/day like clockwork on the dot (really hard some days) for the first three months. I did use Mothers Milk tea when I went back to work and it helped.  I was able to pump enough and usually a little extra, but only if I pumped 3x/day. Now I pump 2x like clockwork and a quick third time if I can. 

    breast massage and breast compressions while pumping can really help output.

  • i pumped 3x a day religiously until my daughter was 18 months old.  by that point, i was sending her to daycare with 18oz of milk, and pumping about that much.  at 18 months, work tore out my lactation room and told me that there was nowhere else for me to do my business!  so now i pump 1x a day when my office-mate goes out for lunch.  since my bfp, my supply has dropped dramatically, so i don't get anywhere near what i need for daycare.  i supplement with soymilk and milk from my freezer stash.


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  • I pump three times while at work.  Arrive at noon, pump at 1, 4, and 7, and leave at 8.  I've been getting about 7.5 - 8oz while at work, and he usually eats 10oz while I'm gone so I have to pump either in the mornings or once he goes down for his "long" part of the night.
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  • when i first went back to work my supply took a hit and i had to start pumping hourly for 5min at a time
  • I pump 3x at work for 20 mins. If I get to work early enough I will also pump before work and if I'm in a time crunch I also pump in the car on the way home. We have a lactation room that only I and the office mgr have the key to. There is a lock, chair, ottoman, fridge, and table. I drink tons of water - 8 oz for every pumping session, use Gaia Lactation support pills, eat oatmeal every AM, and just started making lactation cookies. Keep it up, your body will hopefully get use to pumping.
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  • I usually pump 3 x a day and get between 16-20oz, which is enough for DS who takes 4 oz 4x a day at DC.

    I pump in my office, lock it and put up a sign. I would definitely recommend getting a sign to put up. Is there any way you can squeeze in one more session? I would talk to your supervisor about this. Stay later in the day to make up for the missed time. This seems like the best solution unless you're pumping for every missed feeding your supply will most likely keep dropping. Or try pumping in the morning.

    Good luck!


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  • I'm a teacher so the amount of time I can pump each session varies greatly.  This is only my 3rd day back, but I've been attempting to pump 5 times a day.  I got 10oz yesterday.  DD is taking 9oz during the day.  I nurse her just before I leave for work and as soon as I get home.  My "goal" for each day is 12oz just in case I take longer to get home.
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