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Someone is coming to give me an estimate for cleaning

I have one of my former students' moms coming by in 30 min to give me an estimate for cleaning my house for Christmas. Excited, but know it's only going to be a one time thingSad

I am really starving though and want to start dinner so I hope this doesn't take long. 

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Re: Someone is coming to give me an estimate for cleaning

  • I have someone come every other week. I think it's worth every penny. 
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  • I'm really starting to think about the every other week cleaning too. The house is 3400 sq ft and its just too much for me to clean right now, especially the floors and bathrooms!!
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  • Funny you should post this.  Tomorrow I have someone coming to clean my place for the first time.  I think it will only be a one-time/sometime/rare thing.  I can't wait to come home tomorrow to clean bathrooms and kitchen.  YEAH!!!!


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  • Consider me officially jealous!!
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  • My nanny picks up the house and vacuums and cleans floors,empty and reloads dishwasher but no toilets!

    I guess I cant complain. SHe is here 2 days.

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  • I'm jealous too, even if it is only a 1-time thing. I'm terrible with keeping my house clean!

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  • Ok, she just left. 90 bucks for once a month. It was going to be a one time thing, but DH wants to do it monthly because he hates when I nag him to help clean, and it's so hard to keep up with the cleaning and work full time. I just feel so guilty because I feel like we need to be saving money, paying off debt, and working on a plan for me to stay home.   I guess that's not too bad considering she does blinds, windows, baseboards, and the works!
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  • imageAubs13:
    Consider me officially jealous!!


    Soooooo this! lol

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  • Oh I am very  very jealous!
  • I would totally pay $90 once a month for all that - lucky girl!!!
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  • You should send her my way when she's done there Stick out tongue
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  • I'm glad you finally took the plunge!  It's totally worth it!  Reminds me I gotta call my chick!
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  • I totally need to get someone out here to clean our house.  Dh is trying but it's a lot of work for him, and I'm just too tired.  I would totally do $90 a month!  That's amazing! 
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  • Sounds like a wonderful helping hand around the holidays!
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