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New students really upset me today-rant

I teach 4th grade.  Today I had a new group for my science class.  The kids were talking to me about what we are naming lo.  I told them Donald, their responses were really hurtful.  This class is known for being poorly behaved and rude, and I usually have a thick skin but it really got to me today.  I simply explained to them that we are naming him after one of the greatest men I've ever known and left it at that but I really wanted to cry and lecture them.  I realize his name is not everyones cup of tea and that it is easy to "tease" but I also realize that kids don't pick on names, they pick on personalities but for some reason today it really hurt me.  Sometimes kids can be such a$$es
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Re: New students really upset me today-rant

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    This is the exact reason I am not telling anyone our name.  No matter WHAT name you choose, there will always be someone who has a negative reaction.  I know it's hard, but try not to let it bug you.  The name is meaningful to you and that's all that matters.
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    kids can be real jerks. I'm sorry. Just try to keep it in perspective, they are in the 4th grade and 4th graders are not famous for having social graces.

    When I had an issue with kids around the same age in an afterschool program being ungrateful after a church hosted a x-mas gift party for them and they all refused to give a verbal thanks to the volunteers, I was also fuming mad. But then I decided to turn it into a teaching moment and the next day  did a lesson (not lecture) on giving thanks and manners and I had the kids make thank you cards which I sent to the church.

    Maybe after you get past being mad, you can think up a teachable moment for them.  

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    Aww, I am sorry the kids upset you! I teach too, and I know what it's like when they get you on the wrong day. Mine have been driving me up a wall as well, more for their awful talking back than anything else! Just repeat to yourself, "Six weeks off..." like I have been doing Smile

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    Ah, this makes me so glad I took off a few weeks early of maternity leave!  I teach fourth grade too and I don't think the sub is very thick skinned at all.  She called me twice yesterday! 

    I'm sorry your kiddos are picking on your name.  Just remember, you have the power to withhold recess! Smile  If it continues, you have a great teachable moment about bullying and names.  You also have the power to inflict "silent" time on the entire class for the rest of the period; the old, "if you have nothing nice to say, then you can't talk at all."  It's one of my favorites. Or, "if you have time to talk, you have time for all this extra work I copied this morning just in case."  ;)

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    Totally none of my business, but if you felt hurt by these kids, imagine how your son would feel if he was the one being picked on. If these 4th graders are picking on his name to you, then the same will probably happen to your son when he is in school. Not trying to upset you, just being rational here... Kids are kids, and ,yes, they will pick on a child for something as simple as their name no matter how great their personality is. Sometimes it isn't worth naming your child after someone if the name is one that is likely to cause grief for that child in school... It's going to hurt later on when the one being picked on is your child, and not you.

    We were going to name our baby Jackson Michael if it's a boy. The reason we wanted this name is because my husband's father's name is Jack and my dad's name is Michael. They are both extremely important to us and we wanted our baby to be named after them. But then we realized that people might think it has something to do with Michael Jackson, since he just passed recently, and we decided to spare our child from getting picked on by other kids. Sounds silly, yeah, but the truth of the matter is that kids can be brutal, no matter what age they are.

    Just trying to give you a little insight from an outsider looking in...

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